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    13 things to do in Vang Vieng and where to stay, eat, and get around

    This is post 8 of 10 in the series “Laos” Vang Vieng is a small town between Vientiane and Luang Prabang that was once the party central for backpackers. Nowadays, its reputation is slowly replaced by its natural beauty and outdoor activities. Located by the Nam Song River, it’s all about karst mountains, caves, river, […]

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    6 things to do in Muang Sing

    This is post 7 of 10 in the series “Laos” Muang Sing is the biggest city in Luang Namtha Province and used to be the epicenter of all things opium. It is near the border to both Myanmar and China and now a popular pass through for those traveling around the region. It was part […]

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    Things to do in Luang Namtha Laos

    This is post 6 of 10 in the series “Laos” Nestled in the northwestern corner of Laos, Luang Namtha is a hidden gem that’s slowly creeping up on people’s radar. Teeming with lush mountains dotted with ethnic villages, it is a hidden gem for nature lovers who are looking to trek and kayak in pristine […]

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    Laos trekking: 2 day adventure in Nam Ha National Park

    This is post 5 of 10 in the series “Laos” Nam Ha National Park in Luang Namtha province is one of the lesser discovered parts of nature in Laos. Not only does it have lush forest and river, it is also home to many ethnic minority in the area. You can not only trek through […]

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    Top 5 things to do in Nong Khiaw, Laos

    This is post 4 of 10 in the series “Laos” Nong Khiaw is located about 3 hours north along Luang Prabang, upstream from the Nam Ou River. A charming little town close to nature, you can find many ethnic villages, rice farms, and weaving villages. A great two-day trip or even a day drive option […]

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    Luang Prabang food guide for first timers

    This is post 3 of 10 in the series “Laos” Luang Prabang might not be a foodie destination, but it offers its own unique cuisine as well as some staple Laos food. As someone with no concept of what Laos cuisine has to offer, I was pleasantly surprised by the variety and definitely had a […]

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    13 things to do in Luang Prabang for first time visitors

    This is post 2 of 10 in the series “Laos” Since Laos opened its door to tourists in 1989, Luang Prabang has shot up in popularity. Declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the city is home to beautiful temples, French architecture, and lush nature. With Mekong River right by its bank, Luang Prabang has the […]

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    Living among rice paddies: a stay in Pullman Luang Prabang

    This is post 1 of 10 in the series “Laos” When people think about Luang Prabang, it’s mostly about their temples, nature, and markets. However, visiting the UNESCO city doesn’t mean you need to travel like a backpacker. In fact, it’s the perfect weekend getaway or relaxing holiday spot. Opening at the start of July 2018, […]