Quick facts

Capital: Vienna – the heart of Austro-Hungarian empire that is worth a visit

Transport: I used Omio to book transport around Europe and it’s great to have all my tickets in one place. You can use Wegfinder to plan and book your journey as well.

Currency: Euros – most places accept card payment but you should have some petty cash for street food etc.

Sim Card: Many sim cards are valid for entire Europe

Handy Apps: for skiers, iSKI Austria is a must download. You can also get bargained groceries and food through Too Good To Go.

Language: Austrians speak German and good English. Their German has a different accent to those from Germany, but as visitors, you just need to learn the basics:

  • Goot-taan Mor-gan = good morning, Aa-baan = evening, taag = day
  • Daan-ka schon = thank you