Quick facts

Capital: Athens – the ancient capital is a history treasure trove.

Transport: There are trains in Greece but it’s not as reliable. I took the buses around the country and then the ferry on the islands via Ferry Hopper.

Currency: Euros. I had no problem paying by card in all the islands I’ve visited and in the cities. But it’s good to have cash for things less than 5 euros.

Sim Card: Many sim cards are valid for entire Europe

Handy Apps: Ferry Hopper is the best app for booking tickets and having them in one place. Bolt taxis for taxis, and Omio for us. Omio doesn’t work for everywhere, so you might have to go to the bus stations yourself.

Language: Greek. Greek alphabet is unlike other European languages. Most tourist places will speak English. Here are some good phrases to know: 

  • Kali-mera = good morning, Kali-spera = good evening
  • Ef-ka-ris-to = thank you
  • Para-ka-lo = you’re welcome


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