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Booking holiday accommodation: Hotel, Villa, or AirBnB

Choosing accommodation for your holiday in this day and age is not that easy. Not only do you have a million hotel booking websites, there are also villas, holiday homes, and AirBnBs threw in the mix. There are no right choices here, only the best choice for the occasion. There are a plethora of factors […]

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17+ things to do in Vientiane, Laos and where to eat and stay

This is post 10 of 10 in the series “Laos” Vientiane is the capital of Laos and one of the smallest capital in Southeast Asia. Located close to the border to Thailand, it is often considered to be a transit spot. I have to admit, my first impression of Vientiane was pretty average, but on […]

Things to do in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia

This is post 4 of 5 in the series “Malaysia” Kota Kinabalu is the capital of the state of Sabah, Malaysia. Famed for its mountains, beaches, and nature, it’s a great base or starting point for those who wants to adventure around Borneo. While it doesn’t have many heritage sites compared to many other Malaysian […]

Climbing Mount Kinabalu: a comprehensive guide

This is post 3 of 5 in the series “Malaysia” Arguably one of the most challenging two day one night hikes in Southeast Asia, Mount Kinabalu is the highest mountain in Borneo and Malaysia with an iconic rugged summit. It stands at 4095 m above sea level that takes trekkers from lush jungles to barren […]

Things to do in and around Houay Xay, Laos

This is post 9 of 10 in the series “Laos” Houay Xay is one of the most popular land border for people to go from Thailand to Laos or vice versa. In fact, northwest Laos is one of the most popular places for people to cross the borders since it is where Thailand, Myanmar, and […]

Best things to do in Boracay

Those who have been to Boracay come back with amazing memories and some unique experiences. The island of Boracay is located south of Manila and well known for its tranquility and nightlife. It is one of the few places where you can enjoy the two extremes. Book your flights to Boracay right away to known […]

13 things to do in Vang Vieng and where to stay, eat, and get around

This is post 8 of 10 in the series “Laos” Vang Vieng is a small town between Vientiane and Luang Prabang that was once the party central for backpackers. Nowadays, its reputation is slowly replaced by its natural beauty and outdoor activities. Located by the Nam Song River, it’s all about karst mountains, caves, river, […]

6 things to do in Muang Sing

This is post 7 of 10 in the series “Laos” Muang Sing is the biggest city in Luang Namtha Province and used to be the epicenter of all things opium. It is near the border to both Myanmar and China and now a popular pass through for those traveling around the region. It was part […]

Things to do in Luang Namtha Laos

This is post 6 of 10 in the series “Laos” Nestled in the northwestern corner of Laos, Luang Namtha is a hidden gem that’s slowly creeping up on people’s radar. Teeming with lush mountains dotted with ethnic villages, it is a hidden gem for nature lovers who are looking to trek and kayak in pristine […]

Laos trekking: 2 day adventure in Nam Ha National Park

This is post 5 of 10 in the series “Laos” Nam Ha National Park in Luang Namtha province is one of the lesser discovered parts of nature in Laos. Not only does it have lush forest and river, it is also home to many ethnic minority in the area. You can not only trek through […]

Hanbok Rental Seoul: booking tips, review, and photo spots

This is post 5 of 5 in the series “South Korea” Renting a Hanbok in Seoul has become a popular thing to do in Seoul. With various palaces and hanok (traditional Korean houses) villages concentrated near Gyeongbokgung, it’s almost a shame not to deck up Hanbok for photos and to imagine yourself being a princess […]

Seoul Itinerary: 5 days in Winter

This is post 4 of 5 in the series “South Korea” Seoul is a wonderful city to visit but in Winter it can be a bit harder to sight see given that the temperature can go below zero. On the flip side, winter means less tourists and even a chance to see snow! Many of […]

L’Escape Hotel Review: a Parisian Escape in Seoul, South Korea

This is post 3 of 5 in the series “South Korea” Ideally situated in Myeongdong, the L’Escape Hotel is a Parisian escape in Seoul. From the moment you step into the black-and-white tiles lobby, you are transported you to 19th century Paris in all its glory. The boutique hotel opened in July 2018 and designed […]

Nami Island Winter: what to do on a day trip and MORE

This is post 2 of 5 in the series “South Korea” Nami Island is a popular destination from Seoul that deserves more than just a day. It is just over an hour from Seoul in Gangwon Province and the alleged burial ground of the 15th century Nami General. The island is only 4 km in […]

Ski Resort Korea: skiing in Alepnsia Ski Resort

This is post 1 of 5 in the series “South Korea” South Korea is one of the most popular ski destinations in Asia alongside Japan. With numerous ski resorts scattered across the peninsula, it is recognised as a world-class winter sports destination with the 2018 Winter Olympics being held in PyeongChang. Excited to go on […]

The Ultimate guide on using Grab in Southeast Asia

Getting a taxi in Southeast Asia can sometimes (ok, a lot of the times) feel like a battle. Not only do some not have meters, you might also face with scammy drivers who rigged the meters to run faster or take purposefully long routes. It has been two years since I last visited Vietnam, back […]

Wo Yang Shan hike: frolic under Tai Mo Shan

This is post 53 of 53 in the series “Hong Kong” If you are seeking a dreamy hike without a crowd high up in the mountains, Wo Yang Shan is a long but worthwhile hike that’s perfect for an adventure. With giant rock outcrops, a view of Tai Mo Shan radar towers as well as […]

Top things to do in Lantau Island on a day trip (or two)

This is post 52 of 53 in the series “Hong Kong” Lantau Island is the largest island in Hong Kong but its mountainous landscape means that a large part of it remains untouched. With the new airport built there in the 21st century as well as better roads, Lantau is more easy to visit than […]

Hung Heung Lo Fung: shortest hike in Hong Kong with a view

This is post 51 of 53 in the series “Hong Kong” Hung Heung Lo Fung, which means Red Incense Burner, is also known as the Braema Hill hike. It is one of the easiest hiking trail to do in Hong Kong, only a ten minutes hike (or rather, walk) from the nearest exit point. Atop […]

Tai O Hong Kong: a day trip from the city

This is post 50 of 53 in the series “Hong Kong” Known as the Venice of East, Tai O is on the southwestern tip of Lantau Island and once an important fishing port. It is located at the delta of the only river on Lantau Island, and you can see the airport and the Hong […]

Kai Kung Leng: the velvet trail of Yuen Long

This is post 49 of 53 in the series “Hong Kong” Kai Kung Leng, which translates roughly to the “Mountain of Chicken”, is a beautiful mountain ridge that runs parallel to Tai To Yan in Fanling in Yuen Long. A more intermediate hike, the trek takes five hours with little to no shade throughout the […]

Qipao rental in Hong Kong: experience old Hong Kong charm

This is post 48 of 53 in the series “Hong Kong” When it comes to traditional dresses in Hong Kong, qipao is the only one that comes to mind outside of the ones for wedding. Qipao, also known as Cheongsam (for men), is a style that originated from Shanghai in the 20s but become popular […]

Sakon Nakhon: one day in Northern Thailand’s indigo capital

This is post 16 of 16 in the series “Thailand” Sakon Nakhon in northern Thailand is still relatively unknown, a province near the border of Laos near the bigger Nakhon Phanom. Only an hour’s flight from Bangkok, it’s an alternative destination for those interested in ethnic culture, indigo dyeing, and farm experiences. Whether you are […]

Amphawa Floating Market and Maeklong Railway Market day trip review

This is post 15 of 16 in the series “Thailand” One of the most popular day trips from Bangkok is the floating market and the railway market. While there’s only one railway market – the Maeklong Railway Market, there are two floating markets nearby. The Damnoen Saduak Floating Market and the Amphawa Floating Market. The […]

Zazz Urban Bangkok: a hotel review

This is post 14 of 16 in the series “Thailand” Zazz Urban Bangkok is a modern, sleek hotel that are perfect for travelers who are looking for a quieter place to stay. With some of the best hotel breakfast I’ve ever had and comfortable room, it was definitely a pleasant stay and here is my […]

Food to eat in Bangkok: a comprehensive foodie guide

This is post 13 of 16 in the series “Thailand” Bangkok is a huge city and although finding a place to eat is not hard, whether you are looking for a new unique street food or just some hearty Thai fare. But finding the best place to eat can be a lot harder, especially since […]

Devil’s Peak: fortifications and urban views galore

This is post 47 of 53 in the series “Hong Kong” Devil’s Peak is one of the easiest urban hike to do in Hong Kong, walkable from the nearest MTR Station with plenty of exit points. Located at the eastern end of Victoria Harbour, you can see Hong Kong Island, Victoria Harbour, and Kowloon from […]

Best temples in Bangkok besides Grand Palace, Wat Pho, and Wat Arun

This is post 12 of 16 in the series “Thailand” As the capital of Thailand, a Buddhist country, there are many temples in Bangkok. The most famous ones are the Grand Palace with the Emerald Buddha, Wat Pho and the reclining Buddha, and the temple of Dawn Wat Arun. However, there are many more temples […]

2018 Top Moments, Travel Fails, and Funny Stories

Another year, another adventure, 2018 has been my most travelled year yet and I catch myself looking around in wonderment at the new places I see. This is my 3.4 official year of ‘making the blog happens’ and the fourth anniversary of the blog! So a round of applause to me for sticking to it […]

24 things to do in Ubud Bali

This is post 11 of 11 in the series “Indonesia” Ubud is one of the most popular cities for tourists in Bali and for good reason. Surrounded by lush rice paddies and the gateway to the northern roads, it is about two hours from Seminyak (one if traffic permits) and famous for being a spiritual […]

Robin’s Nest: hike between Hong Kong and Shenzhen

This is post 46 of 53 in the series “Hong Kong” Have you always wanted to walk the borders? You can get pretty close to hiking between Shenzhen and Hong Kong along Robin’s Nest. Not only does the hike offers a beautiful view of both cities, it also doubles up as history walk as it […]

Buffalo Hills: hike up rocky outcrops and silver grass in Hong Kong

This is post 45 of 53 in the series “Hong Kong” Buffalo Hills refer to the West Buffalo and Buffalo mountains between Shatin and Sai Kung district, close to the Kowloon Peninsula. Despite being called Buffalo Hills, the most distinctive features of the both are the huge rocks that scattered around. The hike has an […]

Tai To Yan: a Hong Kong razor ridge hike

This is post 44 of 53 in the series “Hong Kong” Tai To Yan trail in Tai Po is one of the most popular trails in the area, running roughly north to south and offering a panorama of New Territories and even Shenzhen east and west of it. The name Tai To Yan in Cantonese […]

Lion Rock Hike: how to hike up the iconic Hong Kong mountain

This is post 43 of 53 in the series “Hong Kong” Lion Rock mountain might not be as famous as Victoria’s Peak, but it is the spirit of Hong Kongese and the most distinctive mountain along the Kowloon mountain range. With a rocky outcrop that resembles the side profile of a resting lion, Lion Rock […]

Ayutthaya Day Trip from Bangkok

This is post 11 of 16 in the series “Thailand” Ayutthaya is the capital of the second kingdom of Siamese from 14th to the 18th century, and it’s only an hour or so north of Bangkok. It was abandoned after the Burmese burned the city in the late 18th century, despite the invaders being driven […]

A hike up Ma On Shan via Tiu Shau Ngam, Hong Kong

This is post 42 of 53 in the series “Hong Kong” Ma on Shan, which can be directly translated as saddle mountain due to its shape, it’s the most prominent feature view from the city with the same name. While there are many routes to reach the top, one of the most popular route is […]

North Bali things to do: 1.5 days around Bedugul Bali

This is post 10 of 11 in the series “Indonesia” North Bali is a land of mountains and rivers, with beautiful waterfalls and smaller towns. It is not as easy to reach as Ubud or Seminyak, which is why we didn’t make it up there on my first visit to Bali. With numerous towns up […]

Bali waterfalls: 7 best waterfalls in Bali

This is post 9 of 11 in the series “Indonesia” When people talk about Bali, it’s often about its surfing, mountains, and waterfalls. Last time, I was able to visit Bali for 10 amazing days but didn’t really hit the waterfall area in the north. So this time, I’ve made it my mission to check […]

Ubud Yoga Retreat: a week with Shanti Toya Ashram

This is post 8 of 11 in the series “Indonesia” Yoga retreats in Bali are a popular thing, whether you are looking for a week-long introduction or full-fledged teachers training. As a beginner, I wanted to find something affordable where I can ease into yoga but also have the opportunity to learn more about Bali’s […]

Bali Glamping: an eco stay near Ubud with Sebatu Sanctuary

This is post 7 of 11 in the series “Indonesia” Bali is one of the most popular tourist destination, famed for its culture and nature. With lush rice paddies, a stunning array of biodiversity, mountains, and volcanoes, there are endless things to explore on the island of the gods. However, Bali does have a reputation […]

Ijen Bromo tour: a 3 day adventure to Mount Bromo and Ijen to Bali

This is post 6 of 11 in the series “Indonesia” Kawah Ijen and Mount Bromo are two of the most spectacular volcanoes in Indonesia that is hikable for most level of fitness. Kawah Ijen, with its milky blue lake and sulfur fumes, is perched on the eastern edge of Java close to Bali, and Bromo […]

What to do in Singapore at night

This is post 3 of 3 in the series “Singapore” Singapore at night. There is something about Singapore after dark – it’s like the whole city comes to life once the sun has set (and the mosquitoes goes to sleep, at least some of them do). Whether you are hungry for more exploration in the […]

9+ Instagram worthy places in Singapore that’s not Gardens by the Bay

This is post 2 of 3 in the series “Singapore” At first glance, Singapore is not a very big country and the go-to image of it is Marina Bay Sands or Gardens by the Bay. While these places are iconic and beautiful, there are many other Instagram worthy places in Singapore you can go to! […]

Shenzhen from Hong Kong: day trip + weekend guide

This is post 6 of 6 in the series “China” Shenzhen has always been a popular day trip or quick escape option from Hong Kong ever since I was little. While it used to be a shopping paradise because of its proximity to factories and the exchange rate, nowadays, it’s for other reasons entirely. Though […]

Qingyuan China: 7 things to do

This is post 5 of 6 in the series “China” Qingyuan is a city about an hour north of Guangzhou, most well known for its chicken, but also for the beautiful caves and waterfalls. With a new glass bridge that opened in June 2018, Qingyuan makes for a good day trip from Guangzhou or even […]

China travel tips: what to know before traveling to China

This is post 4 of 6 in the series “China” Traveling to China for the first time? While cultural shock is real, the other thing is that it’s like a completely different ecosystem. With Google, Facebook, Instagram and many websites blocked, there are other apps and websites in their place. As someone from Hong Kong […]

Iris Hong Kong review: the annual yoga and wellness weekend festival

This is post 41 of 53 in the series “Hong Kong” Iris is an annual yoga and wellness weekend festival in Hong Kong that happens at the end of September. From acroyoga to Bollywood dance, it’s a great two day events for anyone who is looking to try out new classes or seasoned yogis. It […]

Vietnam itinerary: 2 weeks suggestions

This is post 20 of 20 in the series “Vietnam” Vietnam has become a popular country to visit, whether you are on a backpacker budget or for luxury travels. When it comes to an itinerary, it can be difficult to choose between all that the country has to offer. I have travelled to Vietnam three […]

Nepal Travel Tips: 10 tips and tidbits on Nepal

This is post 3 of 3 in the series “Nepal” As a first time visitor to Nepal, I had no previous experience with Nepalese or Indian culture save for from Bollywood movies. Unsure of what to expect, I was both intrigued and amazed by all the same same but different things I saw. In fact, […]

A local’s guide to Sai Kung Hong Kong

This is post 40 of 53 in the series “Hong Kong” Sai Kung is arguably the most beautiful part of Hong Kong, with stunning beaches, amazing hiking trails, as well as a geopark and many protected marine parks. It’s the place to be if you are looking for nature, laid-back vibes, and seafood. Since I […]

What I wish I knew when I started blogging: FAQ and tips

Starting a blog has never been so popular and easy, but starting it the right way isn’t. There are a ton of content out there on how to start a blog, there are a LOT of things that would make life so much easier should you know from the get-go, rather than later. While I […]

Royal Jordanian Review: it’s so good that I have to review it

I had never heard of Royal Jordanian before, but when searching for flights to Bangkok they came up at a similar price point to the budget airline. Since it also comes with 30 kg luggage and a meal, I decided to book it. The whole process from booking the flight to flying with them was […]

Sham Shui Po local guide: fabric, electronics, and food galore

This is post 39 of 53 in the series “Hong Kong” If someone asks me where they can see the real Hong Kong, I would usually point them to Sham Shui Po. While Mong Kok has its shoppers charm and Central is the heart of Hong Kong, Sham Shui Po is really where the locals […]

Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport guide for those who arrive late or early

This is post 10 of 16 in the series “Thailand” It is inevitable that when flying you will arrive at a destination super late or early. Due to a massive price difference and itinerary clash, I had to book a flight that lands at Bangkok just before midnight, when their skytrain stops working. I tried […]

10 things to know before visiting Yangon, Myanmar

This is post 2 of 2 in the series “Myanmar” Myanmar is a country that is comparatively new on tourist’s radar, and while it is still Southeast Asia, there are quite a few things that set it apart from its neighbours. As its former capital, Yangon has witnessed many histories and a city in rapid […]

Yosemite Hiking: 9 best hikes in Yosemite California

This is post 1 of 1 in the series “USA” Yosemite is a popular national park for hikers, though for most, when we speak of National Parks in the U.S., places such as Grand Canyon, Yellowstone immediately spring into mind. Although not as well-known internationally, Yosemite National Park in northern California is an attraction for […]

Top 5 things to do in Nong Khiaw, Laos

This is post 4 of 10 in the series “Laos” Nong Khiaw is located about 3 hours north along Luang Prabang, upstream from the Nam Ou River. A charming little town close to nature, you can find many ethnic villages, rice farms, and weaving villages. A great two-day trip or even a day drive option […]

Bangkok Itinerary: 4 days of shopping, culture, and seafood

This is post 9 of 16 in the series “Thailand” Bangkok is one of the most popular cities in Southeast Asia for tourists. While I had visited the city numerous times as a child, most of the time we only end up going shopping and getting massages or venturing out to Pattaya. What is there […]

Escape to the Chiang Mai countryside: a getaway with Panviman Spa

This is post 8 of 16 in the series “Thailand” Only an hour away from Chiang Mai town center, Panviman Spa Chiang Mai is a great place for anyone planning a weekend getaway to revitalise themselves. I was in Chiang Mai for the month and went away for a girls weekend treat and I can’t […]

Luang Prabang food guide for first timers

This is post 3 of 10 in the series “Laos” Luang Prabang might not be a foodie destination, but it offers its own unique cuisine as well as some staple Laos food. As someone with no concept of what Laos cuisine has to offer, I was pleasantly surprised by the variety and definitely had a […]

13 things to do in Luang Prabang for first time visitors

This is post 2 of 10 in the series “Laos” Since Laos opened its door to tourists in 1989, Luang Prabang has shot up in popularity. Declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the city is home to beautiful temples, French architecture, and lush nature. With Mekong River right by its bank, Luang Prabang has the […]

Booking holiday accommodation: Hotel, Villa, or AirBnB

Choosing accommodation for your holiday in this day and age is not that easy. Not only do you have a million hotel booking websites, there are also villas, holiday homes, and AirBnBs threw in the mix. There are no right choices here, only the best choice for the occasion. There are a plethora of factors […]

Living among rice paddies: a stay in Pullman Luang Prabang

This is post 1 of 10 in the series “Laos” When people think about Luang Prabang, it’s mostly about their temples, nature, and markets. However, visiting the UNESCO city doesn’t mean you need to travel like a backpacker. In fact, it’s the perfect weekend getaway or relaxing holiday spot. Opening at the start of July 2018, […]

Saigon Foodie Guide: of Vespa and Pizza

This is post 19 of 20 in the series “Vietnam” Although I didn’t manage to discover as many amazing food spots in Ho Chi Minh City as I did in Hanoi, there are nonetheless more than I could include in a single post on what to see in Saigon as a first timer. Here is […]

Things to do in Ho Chi Minh City for first time visitors

This is post 18 of 20 in the series “Vietnam” Ho Chi Minh City, also known as Saigon, is the biggest city in southern Vietnam. With a population of over 13 million and growing, it is more of a sprawling metropolis than Hanoi with its many districts. It is still referred to as Saigon by […]

Lung Ha Wan Country Trail: a hike up Tai Tun Leng Hong Kong

This is post 38 of 53 in the series “Hong Kong” Lung Ha Wan Country Trail is just across the road from High Junk Peak and a good alternative for those who are not keen on tackling the longer, harder trail.   Note: the hike itself is not long, but you will have to walk […]

8 unmissable things to do in Kathmandu for first time visitors

This is post 2 of 3 in the series “Nepal” As the capital of Nepal, Kathmandu is known for its stupas and colourful yet chaotic streets. The jewel of Kathmandu Valley, it is the gateway to the Himalayas and home to a blend of Hinduism and Buddhism. While there are endless backstreets to explore, here […]

Poon Hill Trekking: 5 day beginner trek in Annapurna Nepal

This is post 1 of 3 in the series “Nepal” I have never heard of Poon Hill trek before I visited Nepal, with Everest taking most of the world’s attention, it eclipses a lot of the other hikes. But it is one of the best viewpoints of the Annapurna range and perfect for those who […]

Glaming in Vietnam: a stay at Lak Tented Camp

This is post 17 of 20 in the series “Vietnam” Glamping isn’t the first thing that pops into people’s mind when they visit Vietnam, neither is the Dak Lak region. Discovered through the Glamping Hub, I had such a wonderful time at Lak Tented Camp that it surprise me not many people know about this […]

High Junk Peak: the second sharpest peak of Hong Kong

This is post 37 of 53 in the series “Hong Kong” High Junk Peak is part of the three sharpest peak in Hong Kong but surprisingly the easiest (relative) to hike. With weirdly photogenic boulders to perch on along the way as well as the scenic Clear Water Bay, you can even just hike along […]

Ninh Binh Tour: a 2.5 day DIY itinerary

This is post 16 of 20 in the series “Vietnam” Ninh Binh is known as Halong Bay on land, with the same beautiful karst mountains dotted between rivers and rice paddies. Only two hours south of Hanoi, it makes a perfect day trip but to really see everything, you are definitely going to need more […]

Southern Vietnam Itinerary with a Vietnamese Wine Twist

This is post 15 of 20 in the series “Vietnam” Southern Vietnam has been visited by millions of people, with cities such as Saigon, Mui Ne, Dalat being a favourite among travellers. But did you know that there are wineries in this region? That’s right, you can combine your southern Vietnam trip with Vietnamese wine! […]

5 best Chiang Mai day trips: discover the nature and culture

This is post 7 of 16 in the series “Thailand” Chiang Mai, the old capital of the Lanna Kingdom and the jewel of northern Thailand has many things to offer with beautiful temples, a historic old city as well as numerous restaurants and massage places. However, there are so much to do around the city […]

Chasing rice paddies: a review of 2 day 1 night Sapa tour

This is post 14 of 20 in the series “Vietnam” When thinking of northern Vietnam, Sapa is without a doubt one of the main attraction. Located near the China-Vietnam border high up in the mountains, Sapa is known for its rice paddies and hill tribes. However, it is a six-hour ride from Hanoi, and the […]

Venture with Impact: living in Chiang Mai for a month

This is post 6 of 16 in the series “Thailand” Living abroad in a city, working without an office, experiencing another culture with like-minded individuals, all without having to worry about logistics! Such are the allure of all the remote work travel companies out there, but not all of them are a good fit. While […]

Places to visit in Hanoi for First timers

This is post 13 of 20 in the series “Vietnam” As the capital of Vietnam, Hanoi is a vibrant city and an important one throughout the history of Vietnam. With chaotic traffic, Chinese communal houses and beautiful French colonial building, there is much to love about Hanoi and much to see. >If you are looking […]

Drone tips for first timers and Dji Spark review

Drones are now becoming more affordable and popular nowadays, and since I’ve brought my Dji Spark in September 2017, I’ve gotten a lot of questions about flying it. The perks of having a drone is clear with its bird’s eye views, smooth footage, and the ability to take photos of yourself. Now it isn’t always […]

Hanoi Food Guide: let’s eat, cook, chill

This is post 12 of 20 in the series “Vietnam” Hanoi is a foodie’s paradise. While I am no stranger to Vietnamese cuisine, having visited Hue, Danang, and Hoi An before, I still found many foods that I hadn’t try before. Plus many amazing restaurants and food experience to boot. Having spent about a week […]

Halong Bay overnight cruise: 3 days with Paradise Elegance

This is post 11 of 20 in the series “Vietnam” Sailing along the beautiful Halong Bay on a cruise seems like a scene out of a movie, and my time with the Paradise Cruise certainly felt like it. Halong Bay is famous for its beautiful karsts mountains dotted around the bay, so much so that […]

Ultimate Guide on what to do in Yangon Myanmar

This is post 1 of 2 in the series “Myanmar” Yangon is the biggest city in Myanmar, and yet many don’t stay longer than a day or two when they visit en route to Bagan, Mandalay, or Inle Lake. The former capital city is home to 7 million people of different ethnicity, a well-preserved British […]

Needle Hill Hong Kong – conquering the third sharpest peak

This is post 36 of 53 in the series “Hong Kong” Needle Hill is named after its needle-like shape, a mountain between Tsuen Wan and Shatin that is the third sharpest peak in Hong Kong. On the first part of the hike, you get a great view of Shing Mun Reservoir and Tsuen Wan in […]

Solo Photo: the ultimate guide to solo travel photography + gear list

Taking photos of yourself when you are traveling is not easy, but it doesn’t have to be hard, either. While it would never be as good as having a photographer friend or fam, it can sure beat having someone who doesn’t know what they are doing taking it for you. Don’t believe me? Here’s a […]

Easy hiking trails in Hong Kong: 5+ best hikes for beginners that isn’t Dragon’s Back

This is post 35 of 53 in the series “Hong Kong” Hong Kong is emerging as the best urban hiking destination, however, a lot of the times these hikes can be challenging. With the likes of Needle Hill, Kowloon Peak, and Sunset Peak drawing people to them with their stunning vista, a lot of the […]

Top Macau Instagrammable spots

This is post 1 of 1 in the series “Macau” Macau is fast becoming one of my most visited city, partly because of its close proximity to Hong Kong, but also because of its great food and more importantly: great architecture. As the former colony of Portugal, the city is full of gorgeous European buildings […]

Taipei Sightseeing – top Instagram spots

This is post 8 of 8 in the series “Taiwan” Taipei is a beautiful city and it’s not surprising that it has some amazing Instagram – er I mean photogenic – spots. Sightseeing is now synonymous with taking photos, and the latter with Instagram. While I have covered a lot of sights in my Taipei […]

Wu Gau Tang to Tiu Tang Lung hike: Hong Kong’s mountain and bays

This is post 34 of 53 in the series “Hong Kong” Wu Gau Tang is a beautiful area located in the Plover Bay Marine Park area in Tai Po. It is a popular hike for many dog owners with its flat route and free parking lot, but also present some challenging mountains for those who […]

My favourite hike: Shui Long Wo – MacLehose Trail Stage 4

This is post 33 of 53 in the series “Hong Kong” One of the most famous hiking trails in Hong Kong is the MacLehose trail. It’s is a stretch of 100 miles path that cut across New Territories and Kowloon, meandering roughly east-west. Because of its length, it’s separated into stages and Stage 4 is my […]

Taipei Travel Tips: 10 things to know before visiting Taipei

This is post 7 of 8 in the series “Taiwan” Taipei, as the capital of Taiwan, is a vibrant metropolis that resembles other East Asia capitals. And like every capital, it has its own twist and flavours. Having grown up watching Taiwanese drama and visited a few times during my youth, I thought nothing would […]

Best of Sai Kung’s nature: Lai Chi Chong, Sham Chung, and Yung Shue O hike

This is post 32 of 53 in the series “Hong Kong” Another great Sai Kung hike, the trail from Pak Sha O to Lai Chi Chong, then to Sham Chung via Kai Ma Tung and then to Yung Shue O is a long 5-hour hike that would take you to some pretty stunning landscapes and […]

My 1 Day Itinerary in Hong Kong

This is post 31 of 53 in the series “Hong Kong” There is a lot to see in Hong Kong, and truth be told, you would be hard-pressed to come up with an ideal one-day itinerary for Hong Kong. The tourist guides always get you to go to Lamma Island to see the Big Buddha […]

Taipei itinerary: What to do in Taipei for 5 days

This is post 6 of 8 in the series “Taiwan” Ah, Taipei! The capital of Taiwan appeals to me the most with the fact that it’s a bubble tea heaven, as well as its many amazing food and night markets. Originally, I thought 5 days in Taipei would be an overkill, but it turns out […]

Beitou Hot Spring: a wellness escape in Taipei

This is post 5 of 8 in the series “Taiwan” Beitou has long been the hot spring hotspot in Taipei, and it continues to be today with the development of XinBeitou (as in New Beitou). There’s nothing more magical then soaking in hot water after a tired trip or during the cold weather, I mean, […]

The Ultimate Guide to Bohinj

This is post 10 of 10 in the series “Slovenia” Bohinj region in Slovenia is relatively unvisited in comparison to its neighbor Bled. An area of immense natural beauty, it is not only home to Lake Bohinj – the largest permanent lake in Slovenia, but also to numerous gorgeous waterfalls as well as the Triglav […]

Taipei to Jiufen: a day trip in the rain

This is post 4 of 8 in the series “Taiwan” Jiufen is most famous for being the setting of Spirited Away, of mountainside buildings, stone staircases, and red lanterns. Located about two hours away from Taipei, it’s a popular choice for a day trip whether it’s done in combination with Xifen or other cities. I […]

Kjeragbolten hike: an adventure in Norway

This is post 1 of 1 in the series “Norway” The Kjeragbolten hike is probably one of the most famous in Norway and that’s saying something about a country that is already packed with natural beauty. After swimming through posts and pictures on Pinterest, Instagram, and blogs, it is finally time to get out of London […]

2017 travel in review: top 10 travel moments and fails

Almost exactly 3 years ago I started the blog Laugh Travel Eat, and it’s about 2 years ago I started taking it seriously. I have come so far and yet sometimes it doesn’t feel like I had made much progress at all. Another year had passed and it’s time for me to look back, for […]

15+ most instagrammed place in Hong Kong that’s not the Peak and how to get there

This is post 30 of 53 in the series “Hong Kong” Aside from the Peak and Victoria Harbour, there are still many photogenic places in Hong Kong that are worthy of Instagram. It isn’t fair, in my opinion, to put the big two on the list purely because everyone would have a photo of Victoria […]

On moving from London back to Hong Kong for 2 years

It had been two years since I decided to leave a country I had studied and live in for 11 years to return to the home that I left 11 years before. I had covered some of the reasons as to why I ditched London for Hong Kong, and now that two years (!) had […]

Tai Tun Shan – the thousand islands view of Sai Kung

This is post 29 of 53 in the series “Hong Kong” Tai Tun Shan is one of the many mountains and hills that dotted the Sai Kung countryside. It is not to be confused with Tai Tung Shan, also known as Sunset Peak, on Lantau Island. Despite not being a particularly long hike, it is […]

A weekend spa getaway to St Regis Macau

This is post 3 of 6 in the series “China” People in Hong Kong live a stressed life, and while staycations are great, sometimes we just need to escape a little further away. Macau is known for its Cotai Strip with its arrays of world-class hotel, and not all of them are focused on gambling. […]

An in depth guide of the best places to visit in Singapore in 3 days

This is post 1 of 3 in the series “Singapore” Singapore is a city that I have heard much about but hadn’t had the pleasure to visit until recently. Especially because I have family in Penang and so we usually visit there instead. While I was excited to attend ITB Asia for a week, I […]

Bali itinerary: 10 days of adventure for first time visitors

This is post 5 of 11 in the series “Indonesia” Bali is a huge island, while 10 days might sound like a lot, this itinerary is so packed that you can stretch it out to even longer. When I was planning my trip to Bali, so many beautiful places popped on my radar but I […]

Bali on a budget: a Bali Price Guide

This is post 4 of 11 in the series “Indonesia” One of the things that worried me the most about visiting Bali is the prices. While everyone knows that they’d pay tourist tax (e.g. Nasi Goreng for 25k rupiahs is still cheap for us even if the local only pays 8k rupiahs), it doesn’t make […]

Best viewpoints for Lake Bled

This is post 9 of 10 in the series “Slovenia” There is no denying that Lake Bled is one of the most picturesque lakes in the whole wide world. I often thought the photos I see of Bled on postcards are severely photoshopped, or at least partially manipulated. But the truth is that Lake Bled […]

Mount Batur Sunrise Trekking: a volcano hike

This is post 3 of 11 in the series “Indonesia” Mount Batur is one of the two active volcanoes on Bali. With Mount Agung close to eruption, naturally it won’t be possible to go up it. Hence we decided on conquering the less high and still0safe Mount Batur. With Mount Fuji and Stromboli under my […]

Things to do in Bali Seminyak in 36 hours: a shop + eat guide

This is post 2 of 11 in the series “Indonesia” Seminyak is one of the most popular towns in Bali. While some might argue that it’s too touristy, its great amenities and proximity to the airport make it an ideal place to stay. Because of the influx of tourists, Seminyak isn’t as cheap but it also has […]

Nusa Penida tour: 2 days in Bali paradise

This is post 1 of 11 in the series “Indonesia” Nusa Penida was undoubtedly the most anticipated part of my trip and it didn’t disappoint. Where is it? It’s one of the three Nusa islands east of the main island, and many consider it the prettiest part of Bali. However, as the biggest and the […]

Good Food Guide Melbourne: for First Time Visitors

This is post 1 of 1 in the series “Australia” There are many good foods in Melbourne. The most livable city in the world truly deserves its name if you ask me. Now as a first-time visitor, it can be hard to decide on which one to go. Armed with Google, tripadvisor, and local friends, […]

Ninepin Island: the hidden hexagonal column paradise of Hong Kong

This is post 28 of 53 in the series “Hong Kong”   The first time I came across Ninepin group – a series of 29 volcanic islands in the Sai Kung Sea – was when I hiked the High Junk Peak in Hong Kong. We could see the hexagonal columns from afar, and the dramatic […]

Tung Ping Chau Day trip: hidden Hong Kong

This is post 27 of 53 in the series “Hong Kong” Tung Ping Chau is an island in northeast Hong Kong, much closer to China than Hong Kong itself. This little island is not only famous for its unique rock formation, but also part of a marine park. Tung Ping Chau’s unique landscape and remoteness […]

The Ultimate Guide to Mongkok Hong Kong

This is post 26 of 53 in the series “Hong Kong” One of the busiest areas in Hong Kong, Mongkok – aka busy corner – is where the best shopping and eating happens. Mongkok is my hangout. It’s where I go shopping and eating since I was ten and it is strangely hard for me […]

Secret Spots in Verona – off the beaten path

This is post 27 of 27 in the series “Italy” I had visited Verona for two brief days during April 2015, when I had been rather convinced that I had seen the best that the city of love has to offer, including chasing after Romeo and Juliet’s foot step as well as using the Verona […]

Bubble tea Hong Kong: a Laugh Travel Eat guide

This is post 25 of 53 in the series “Hong Kong” It is no secret that I’m fond of bubble tea, in fact, my Instagram followers would know that I practically inhale them on a day to day basis (even more so than egg waffles!). I’d admit that I prefer tea over water, especially cold beverages, […]

A Tokyo Itinerary: a 7 day guide to shop, eat and hike

This is post 6 of 6 in the series “Japan” Tokyo is a metropolis, there is no doubt about it. As the most densely populated city in Japan, this capital is famous for being crowded and compact, though not to the point of Hong Kong. Given that it is such a big place, how do […]

A Day trip to Taichung

This is post 3 of 8 in the series “Taiwan” Taichung is situated in the middle of Taiwan, a denoted by its name in Chinese. Apart from the city center, there’s a lot of things to do in the Taichung area, such as Kaomei Wetland and hiking up the nearby Yuan Zui mountain. If you are […]

Sawara Festival – a step back in time in Chiba, Japan

This is post 5 of 6 in the series “Japan”   Sawara, a historical town less than two hours from Tokyo, is a perfect day trip destination from Tokyo. What’s even better is that the town holds several festivals throughout the year, is the perfect place to glimpse the Japan that was 200 years ago. […]

Mt Fuji itinerary: hiking Yoshida trail in 24 hours

This is post 4 of 6 in the series “Japan” Mount Fuji is the most famous mountain in Japan and a dormant stratovolcano. Its snow-topped peak is an iconic sight in Japan and found throughout google images. With an elevation of 3,776m, it is the highest mountain in Japan as well! There are plenty of […]

8 Things to do in Asakusa, Tokyo, Japan

This is post 3 of 6 in the series “Japan”   Asakusa is a lovely historic district in Tokyo that had completely over thrown the impression I have of Tokyo being a bustling metropolis, much like Hong Kong. The general height of the buildings aren’t high, there are temples, shrines, quaint tiled streets and old-fashion […]

The Ultimate Guide to Cinque Terre

This is post 26 of 27 in the series “Italy” A UNESCO world heritage site, even if you don’t think you have heard of the Cinque Terre, you probably have seen its photos somewhere. With rugged hills dotted with picturesque trails scattered across the five (Cinque) villages (Terre – it actually means land, but you […]

Hiking Tsz Wan Shan: the most underrated view of Kowloon

This is post 24 of 53 in the series “Hong Kong” Most people head to the Lion Rock or Suicide Cliff when they hike the peaks between New Territories and Kowloon, but there are many more peaks in between that boasts a wonderful view with less crowd. One of such is Tsz Wan Shan, also […]

What to do in Siem Reap in 6 days

This is post 4 of 4 in the series “Cambodia” Most people visit Siem Reap want to see Angkor Wat, but the city has more than just temples to offer, as I had shown in my 5 things to do in Siem Reap besides Temple post my 5 things to do in Siem Reap besides Temple […]

Visiting Angkor Wat: 48 hours temple run in Siem Reap

This is post 3 of 4 in the series “Cambodia” Angkor Wat is one of the most iconic tourist attraction in the world and for good reason. It is the largest temple complex across the globe and also a UNESCO site, and the first thing I should say is that Angkor isn’t just Angkor Wat, […]

Angkor Wat Dress code

This is post 2 of 4 in the series “Cambodia” One of the things that bothered me the most before I visited Angkor Wat was wondering what I should wear. It might seem like a silly topic to frown over, but there are strict restrictions in some southeast Asia temples, such as those in  Chiang […]

5 things to do in Siem Reap besides temple

This is post 1 of 4 in the series “Cambodia” It is undeniable that Siem Reap is most famous for its temples. People flock all over the world to visit Angkor Wat and Angkor Thom and admittedly, those are THE highlight of this city. Before we went on the trip, I searched high and low […]

My 10 Day Itinerary to Croatia

This is post 2 of 2 in the series “Itinerary” Planning the trip has always been to me as much fun as the journey itself, and it was even more fun for this Croatia Itinerary. Despite all the protests about spontaneity and flow with the moment that seems to prevail in my generation, my sister […]

My top restaurants in Hong Kong

This is post 23 of 53 in the series “Hong Kong” I love food, and there is no shortage of good food in Hong Kong. I have written about my favourite brunches, my favourite dessert places, and my top egg waffles. However, it’s getting harder for me to do round-up posts now since my list […]

Cheap Holidays in Maldives: 8 days with Mirian Sky Hotel

This is post 3 of 3 in the series “Maldives” Picture this: you on a tropical island with gorgeous turquoise wat   er on an overwater villa with your own private pool.   That might cost you an arm or a leg.   Holidaying in Maldives doesn’t have to be expensive, you can spend a […]

Glimpsing authentic Maldives – a photo diary of Gaafaru

This is post 2 of 3 in the series “Maldives” Most people only think of resort islands when they think of Maldives, but they know very little about the people of this small island nation. As a Muslim country as well as one of the flattest countries in the world, it wouldn’t surprise anyone that […]

A first timer’s guide to visiting Maldives local islands

This is post 1 of 3 in the series “Maldives” Maldives is often thought of as an expensive destination, but since the local islands have open to tourism in 2009, it ceased to be the case. While the over water villas and resort island require an extortionate amount of money, it is actually quite affordable […]

Top 10 wild things to do in Berlin

This is post 7 of 7 in the series “Germany” I have always made it no secret that Berlin is one of my favourite city on the planet (perhaps with exception of Hong Kong). I had spent a total of 5 weeks in this beautiful capital of Germany and I probably would have moved there […]

Around the world in 28 snacks

Snacks are awesome. You all know how obsessed I am with egg waffles in Hong Kong and that got me thinking: there must be unique and fabulous snacks around the world that I don’t know about or haven’t eaten. So I put a call out to a bunch of bloggers asking them what their favourite snack is. […]

Top 5 Street Food in Berlin

This is post 6 of 7 in the series “Germany” I’ve repeated stated that I’ve developed a taste of street food in Berlin. Honestly, I’m not sure if it’s a good or bad thing. My taste buds thanks me, but my wallet and waistline don’t. Berlin, though not exactly most famous for street food, aren’t […]

Ham and Sherry Brunch Review – Tapas in Hong Kong

This is post 22 of 53 in the series “Hong Kong” Hong Kong Island is full of gems. Hidden in the streets of Wanchai is an exotic blue and white tiled restaurant that brings a Spanish vibe to the neighbourhood. I’ve always enjoyed tapas, and the idea that I can have them for brunch is […]

Top 5 Markets of Berlin

This is post 5 of 7 in the series “Germany” Berlin is the place where I fell in love with markets, just like I did with street food, vintage fashion and other things. I never fancied myself a fan of markets, but after visiting Mauerpark, I was hooked. Though I love the markets in London, […]

Top 5 brunch places slash cafes in Berlin (plus my favourite WiFi café)

This is post 4 of 7 in the series “Germany”   Berlin is one of the hippest city I’ve been to, consequently, I have also found some of the loveliest brunch spots and cafes here. Having spent a month there and got familiar with its neighborhoods, I originally wanted to do two posts, but I […]

West High Hill – an adventurous alternative to the Peak

This is post 21 of 53 in the series “Hong Kong” Most of you have probably never heard of West High Hill, but I bet you know the iconic view on the Peak. People flock up to the Peak for a great view of Victoria Harbour and Hong Kong in general, but it’s often overcrowded […]

A Day trip to Arashiyama, Japan

This is post 2 of 6 in the series “Japan” Arashiyama is located in the countryside of Kyoto and has been a tourist hotspot and one of Japan’s national historic site. It is especially fame for scenery during autumn foliage and cherry blossom, hence extremely popular during autumn and spring. I will be going through the […]

Moreish and Malt Afternoon tea: a review

This is post 20 of 53 in the series “Hong Kong”   I’ve walked past Moreish and Malt a couple of months ago after a visit to the Kwun Tong Promenade with my sister and the chic décor of the restaurant immediately caught my eyes. After studying the menu, I added it to my list […]

The Ultimate Guide to Temples of Hong Kong (ALL free entry!)  

This is post 19 of 53 in the series “Hong Kong” Hong Kong has no shortage of temples, and as a Buddhist and Taoist based population for the majority of its history, it shouldn’t surprise anyone. For millennia, people have been praying to the myriad of Chinese local deities and gods for various aspect of […]

Alternative places to stay in Hong Kong

This is post 18 of 53 in the series “Hong Kong” Where to stay in Hong Kong? I got ask that question a lot by my friends. As I have covered in my first timers guide and the best places to stay in Hong Kong for first timers, most people tend to stay around northwest […]

The Best Place to Stay in Hong Kong for First Timers

This is post 17 of 53 in the series “Hong Kong” Hong Kong is known as a high-density city, but it’s still a big place. If it’s your first visit to Hong Kong, then it’s probably wise to pick somewhere central and close to attractions. Even though there are plenty of hiking and nature to […]

Affordable Luxury: how to book great accommodation for less

Travelling in luxury is the dream, but most of us can’t afford to splash all our dosh for a single trip because we want to save up for many trips yet to come (or we simply don’t have that much money to begin with)! Luckily for us, there are so many ways to get the best […]

Half Day’s guide to Central and Admiralty, Hong Kong

This is post 16 of 53 in the series “Hong Kong” Central. The name alone implies that you are at the central part of a city and it is true in Hong Kong. Central is the place where LKF, SoHo as well as many hip restaurants and shops are, on top of that many offices […]

Pineapple Mountain: a visit to the Hong Kong Grand Canyon

This is post 15 of 53 in the series “Hong Kong” Pineapple Mountain has become THE Instagram spot because of its unique features that’s reminiscent of the Grand Canyon. As a sub-tropical city with mostly igneous rock (take Four Consecutive Pools and Falls for example), it’s rare for this kind of weathered structure to be […]

My 2016 Travel Review

I can’t believe how fast time has passed! I felt like it was only yesterday that I wrote my 2015 Travel Review. Yet when I check my photo album, it stares back at me with double digit GB data (Ooops). 2016 marks the year where I am no longer a student, however, I haven’t been […]

24 Quirky and Unique New Years Tradition around the world

A new year often signifies starting afresh and long celebrated before it becomes the huge event that it is today. Aside from the fireworks and partying, there are many New Year Traditions around the world that are interesting and unique with histories that stretch back further than the 21st century. The current calendar we use is […]

The Best Time to Visit Hong Kong

This is post 14 of 53 in the series “Hong Kong” Hong Kong is a destination where you will find something to do year around, but what is the best time to visit Hong Kong? There really isn’t a tourist season or so to speak, but you will be wise to avoid certain major holiday […]

A 48 hours guide to Macau, China

This is post 2 of 6 in the series “China” Macau is only an hour’s ferry ride away from Hong Kong, and despite living in Hong Kong all my life, I had only visited Macau recently. Known as the Las Vegas of Asia, Macau is famous for its casino, but there are also plenty of […]

The Ultimate Day trip to Nara, Japan

This is post 1 of 6 in the series “Japan” Nara deer park is a must-go for animal lover in Kansai region and a day trip to Nara wouldn’t be completed without seeing other Nara attractions as well. I have put together a one-day Nara itinerary for those keen to explore the Nara deer park […]

Packing list for Europe Summer: essentials for 3 weeks

It’s hard to decide what to bring for a Europe summer backpacking trip. There are so many photogenic places but on the other hand, you don’t want to carry a huge bag around. I am not saying that my packing list is perfect, but I am here to talk about what I bought and whether […]

3 weeks Europe Itinerary: South of France, Cinque Terre and Sicily

This is post 1 of 2 in the series “Itinerary” 3 weeks in Europe isn’t nearly enough. After all, Europe is full of amazing countries, cities, and natural wonder, and backpacking across this vast continent can be challenging in the sense that you might end up missing out on some gems. Our time and money […]

Night Hike in Hong Kong: Suicide Cliff, Kowloon Peak

This is post 13 of 53 in the series “Hong Kong” Made famous by the National Geography winning photo, Kowloon Peak and its Suicide Cliff is a popular night hike destination in Hong Kong, with many people flocking over there for an insta-famous shot. As part of the mountains that separate New Territories from Kowloon, it […]

Christmas gift guide: for camera lover, adventurers, innovation keen beans + more

It’s the most wonderful time of the year again! Christmas is fast approaching, and even though I didn’t grow up in a culture where gift exchange during this festive season is the norm, I am quite susceptible in browsing for gifts whether it’s for Christmas or birthdays. I believe the most important aspect of a […]

Split to Plitvice Lakes: a self-drive road trip

This is post 12 of 12 in the series “Croatia” Plitvice National Park is without a doubt the most famous landmark in Croatia. Consisting of 16 stunning lakes connected by a series of beyond-this-world waterfalls, it’s on the bucket list of every visitor who enters Croatia. We are not exempt from the allure of the […]

Best brunch Hong Kong: my top 5 western restaurant

This is post 12 of 53 in the series “Hong Kong” Brunch is my favourite meal and on my return to Hong Kong, I was a bit weary that I won’t get my fix of western brunch again (cue the best bacon at Jackson and Rye!). I mean, Hong Kong has some pretty good desserts […]

A half day guide to visiting Krka National Park

This is post 11 of 12 in the series “Croatia” The less famous sister of Plitvice National Park, Krka National Park is situated between the ancient Roman town of Split and the town of Zadar. There are many confusions regarding how to enter the Krka National Park, and truth be told after hours of research online the only […]

Best Area to Stay in Berlin: an insider’s guide

This is post 3 of 7 in the series “Germany” Berlin is the third largest capital of Europe behind London and Paris, and when visiting, it can be difficult to decide on which area to stay when visiting this captial city. When I first visited Berlin as a travel writer student with CTR Berlin, I had […]

Egg Waffle obsession: where to eat them in Hong Kong

This is post 11 of 53 in the series “Hong Kong” Egg waffle is a popular snack in Hong Kong and one that I’m obsessed with.  I like egg waffle so much that I’ve included it in my 1 day itinerary to Hong Kong recommendation, too. Whether you are in it for the actual food […]

Best Museums Berlin – guide and tips

This is post 2 of 7 in the series “Germany” I made it no secret that Berlin is one of my favourite cities in the world. My first trip there was a month long travel writing program with CTR that sparked my travel bug. Unfortunately, producing the guidebook didn’t leave me too much time to visit […]

The 3 travel mindsets that stops you from enjoying your holiday

It’s so easy to travel nowadays that, sometimes, we forget travel is a privilege. If you think back to sixty years ago, most people would never dream of flying to another country, let alone jet setting to an exotic destination a few times a year to explore the world. Holidays have become more of an […]

A Day trip to Eze and Monaco

This is post 5 of 5 in the series “France” When researching for my trip to South of France, I scrolled through thousands of images of Pinterest trying to narrow down my itinerary. And the most striking images are from the town of Eze not far from Nice. Therefore, when planning my itinerary I left […]

A 72 hours guide to Danang, Vietnam

This is post 10 of 20 in the series “Vietnam” Danang is the third largest city in Vietnam. Even though it is not as famous Ho Chi Minh City or Ha Noi, it has some of the most beautiful beaches and cheapest street food I’ve ever seen. What city is the less developed, its affordability and the proximity […]

The Ultimate Guide to visiting the Peak, Hong Kong

This is post 10 of 53 in the series “Hong Kong” The Peak is many people’s symbol of Hong Kong, with its iconic view over the Victoria harbor as well as the famous funicular railway that takes you up there. There is a myriad of things to do up there, and I’ve certainly visited it […]

Travelstyle – 7 questions to ask before you travel with someone

We all have our own travelstyle, as in the way we travel that can be different or similar to others. It’s one of those things like living with someone, you won’t know how you’d get along until you are on the road. There are lots of posts out there about “the X type of travelers […]

The Ultimate Guide to Hoi An Old Town

This is post 9 of 20 in the series “Vietnam” Hoi An is THE most popular city in Central Vietnam, and once you’ve visited, you will understand why people flock to visit this tiny coastal town. With stunning architecture that holds a mixture of Chinese, European and Japanese influence, it used to be the center […]

The Ultimate Minimalistic Outfit Packing Formular

  I have to confess – I am the world’s worst over packer. I love the minimalistic packing ideas I see online, but somehow I was never able to adhere to them. Why? Because one of the biggest struggles is planning outfits. We all want to look amazing in our travel photos, but lugging a heavy […]

The Ultimate First Timer’s info guide to Hong Kong

This is post 9 of 53 in the series “Hong Kong” Are you going to visit Hong Kong for the first time? Or perhaps looking for some essential information? As a Hong Kongese who was born in Hong Kong but spent half of my life (so far) abroad, I have come to view Hong Kong […]

Top 5 Hoi An day trips

This is post 8 of 20 in the series “Vietnam” Hoi An is a popular destination for tourists, and consequently, there are plenty of day trips on offer. Some of them reach as far as Hue and Phong Nha, but we are here to talk about more local tours. Be it diving, snorkelling, cooking or paddling through […]

The Ultimate Dining Guide to Hoi An

This is post 7 of 20 in the series “Vietnam” Hoi An is the place where I found my love with Vietnamese cuisine. Now I am not saying that Phong Nha and Hue was terrible, but they were a bit lackluster. Hoi An, however, was like a heaven to me and I couldn’t get tired of […]

5 amazing beaches in Sai Kung, Hong Kong

This is post 8 of 53 in the series “Hong Kong” If any of you follow me on Instagram, you would have been flooded with photos of Sai Kung. A lot of people are familiar with Lantau Island, Stanley and Shek O, but Sai Kung is the favourite of people living in the New Territories. […]

The Ultimate Shopping guide for Hoi An – tailors, cobblers and more…

This is post 6 of 20 in the series “Vietnam” Hoi An is famous for its tailors, but there is more shopping you can do in this gorgeous little old town than having dresses and suits made. In fact, I think the real hidden gems you can buy are something else entirely. Having spent 6 […]

5 things that should be in your travel day bag

I am known as the girl who always carries a huge bag around, because I have a long list of essentials in terms of what I need to bring around with me every day. It gets even worse when I am travelling and I can never understand how some people can just head out with […]

The Ultimate guide to Hue, Vietnam

This is post 5 of 20 in the series “Vietnam” Hue is a city in central Vietnam, and though often obscure by Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, and Danang, it is the capital of Vietnam during its last dynasty – the Nguyen, who were warlords in the area before they ascended. There are many things […]

Top 5 dessert place of Hong Kong (as of Sept 2016)

This is post 7 of 53 in the series “Hong Kong” Desserts in Hong Kong. The four words are like heaven to me. Hong Kong is a food heaven, there’s no doubt about that. In a place where you can get virtually any kind of food you want if you look hard enough, competition is […]

The Ultimate guide to Phong Nha Ke Bang National Park

This is post 4 of 20 in the series “Vietnam” Phong Nha Ke Bang National Park, Vietnam is one of the best karst cave structure in Asia, if not the world. Situated in the north central Vietnam region of Quang Binh Province, it is easily accessible via the Ho Chi Man Highway. With numerous caves, […]

Top 5 cave of Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park, Vietnam

This is post 3 of 20 in the series “Vietnam” Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park is known for its caves. While there are a lot of tours and caves in the region, there are only 4 most visited caves in Phong Nha that are suitable for all ages and physical level: The Phong Nha Cave, […]

The Ultimate Vietnam Survival Guide

This is post 2 of 20 in the series “Vietnam” Vietnam is a less-developed Southeast Asian country, but also a popular destination for many. It is a country that takes some getting used to if you have never been before, and that was certainly true for me. Despite the fact that I had travelled to […]

5 transportations to take in Hong Kong

This is post 6 of 53 in the series “Hong Kong” Hong Kong is a city that’s home to seven million people, along with one of the best public transport systems in the world to support them. Given the population density, it would be unimaginable if the entire population owns a car and drives to […]

The Ultimate half day Guide to Forbidden City, Beijing

This is post 1 of 6 in the series “China” The Forbidden City in Beijing had served as the center of China’s politics and power for half a millennium, lasting from the Ming dynasty to the end of the Qing dynasty through the 15th century to the early 1900s. Covering a whopping 72 hectares with […]

How to your trip like a pro: a look at the LTE process

Planning a trip is one of the most important things to do prior to your travel (aside from picking the right travel partner, of course). Even for those who are the kind to do things “spontaneously”, one still needs to plan your day to a certain degree. In order to get the most out of […]

The Ultimate Guide to a Sai Kung Boat trip

This is post 5 of 53 in the series “Hong Kong” A Sai Kung boat trip is among the top things that Hong Kongese do during the long summer, and even the expats and tourists are a fan of sailing in the gorgeous water of Sai Kung. Why is Sai Kung such a hot spot […]

Hong Kong Hiking: Sai Kung – the 4 consecutive pools and falls

This is post 4 of 53 in the series “Hong Kong” The 4 consecutive pools and falls in Sai Kung, Hong Kong are famed for its gorgeous setting and the possibility of cliff jumping. One of the most popular hiking destinations in Sai Kung, the pools (which has a much shorter and elegant name in […]

My top 5 mistakes on my visit to Vietnam

This is post 1 of 20 in the series “Vietnam” Vietnam is cheap, Vietnam is popular. As a seasoned traveller, I wasn’t all too concern about my 16-day trip to Vietnam and didn’t put as much attention into planning the trip as I should have. Vietnam is a beautiful country, there’s no doubt about it. […]

Things to do in Taichung- An adventure up the Yuan Zui Mountain

This is post 2 of 8 in the series “Taiwan” Taichung is situated in the middle of Taiwan island; with mountains just to the east of the city, one of the top things to do in Taichung is hiking. Now hiking in Taiwan is a lot of fun: Taiwan’s position on the plate boundary gives […]

Top 5 things to eat at FengJia Night Market

This is post 1 of 8 in the series “Taiwan” FengJia Night Market is Taiwan’s largest night market. Situated in Taichung where you have a million places to explore and mountains that you can hike up, you need somewhere to refuel and what’s better than a Night Market? With the variety of street food there […]

My top 5 of Paris

This is post 4 of 5 in the series “France” Paris has always had a special place in my heart. Though it is officially called the City of Lights, there is no denying the romance in the air nor the magic that seems to be unique to Paris. As the first place I have ever […]

The Ultimate Summer Reading List

Summer readings are essential whether you are going on a holiday or having a staycation laying around at home, the pool or the beach. You want to find something engaging and page turning to read during your down time, I know I certainly did when I was travelling around Europe last summer. Personally, I find […]

The West Coast Explorer – a review with Rail tours Ireland

This is post 2 of 2 in the series “Ireland” The rugged Irish countryside has a unique beauty, and the west coast of Ireland is a definite must for people visiting Ireland; the enchanting landscapes in Connemara, Cliff of Moher etc. are the gems of Irish countryside, and what make the west coast of Ireland […]

Top 5 things to do in Dublin (for the non-alcohol interested people)

This is post 1 of 2 in the series “Ireland” What are the things to do in Dublin if you, like us, aren’t interested in the alcohol part of the city, or travelling with those who can’t (such as children – in which case, my friend Jamie has a post on Dublin with kids). Worry […]

Top 10 travel essentials

Travelling means bringing things with you, and having been through the process of packing hundreds of times, there are certain items that I always take with me on a trip. Of course, it varies depending on where one is going, and there are the obvious items such as your mobile phone and underwear. But there […]

A Harry Potter’s Fan Guide to Edinburgh (Whop!)

This is post 2 of 2 in the series “United Kingdom” J.K. Rowling wrote much of Harry Potter in Edinburgh, and a lot of the people and places in Harry Potter are inspired by those in Edinburgh. Here I would like to explore the key places in Edinburgh where J.K. Rowling got her inspiration from. […]

The Ultimate Guide to Edinburgh

This is post 1 of 2 in the series “United Kingdom”  Edinburgh is a beautiful historic city rich both in culture and history. As the capital of Scotland, there are no questions that it is the busiest hub in Scotland and makes for a perfect weekend trip for those living in the UK. A mere 5 hours […]

The Ultimate Guide to Kew Garden, London

This is post 17 of 17 in the series “London” Famous for being home to thousands of species, Kew Garden might not be as gripping as a zoo, but the allure of the floras are not to be underestimated. Nestled in the south-west corner of London, this royal garden was opened in 1759 and boasts […]

My top 5 Markets of London

This is post 16 of 17 in the series “London” London has a million markets, from your average small farmers market in your neighbourhood to the world famous Portobello Market you are spoilt for choice. I had made it no secret that I am a huge fan of markets, my boarding house used to take […]

7 ways to keep in touch with your friends – long distant

With travelling around the world and moving a norm nowadays, it’s easy to find yourself separated with your friends by thousands of miles. Whether you met through travelling, studying abroad or one of you had simply moved away – that shouldn’t be the end of a friendship. Here are 7 tips to keep in touch […]

The Ultimate Guide to London Transport

This is post 15 of 17 in the series “London” London is huge; in fact, it’s the 25th largest city in the world and home to 8.5 million people. Naturally, this capital city has a variety of transport links to help its inhabitants to get around. While I like the antiquity of the tube and the […]

East vs West – 7 cultural norms and differences

As a girl who was born in Hong Kong, but studied abroad for half my life in the UK, I notice that there are some (not so) subtle things that are different in Hong Kong compared to the UK. Having friends and family from either end of the spectrum, it was a curious thing for […]

My 1 Day West London Itinerary

This is post 14 of 17 in the series “London” I have spent more time exploring London than I do Hong Kong, and it seems only fitting if I pull together some of my favourite places in London for a quick 1 Day itinerary, like I did for Hong Kong. But since London is such […]

From London to Europe: tips on making it on the cheap

This is post 13 of 17 in the series “London” Although UK is part of Europe, it is separated from the main continent by the English Channel. Being an expensive country, travelling from London to the rest of the UK can be even more expensive than travelling abroad. Having lived in London for 4 years […]

5 restaurants in London that I frequented during my study abroad

This is post 12 of 17 in the series “London” London is full of good places to eat, but a lot of the time it’s either too expensive for its portion or too overrated. Having lived in London for 4 years, I naturally have some favourite that I return to time and again – and […]

Study abroad – and how it can be the trip that changed your life. Or not

Study abroad has become a popular thing to do in the 21st century, whether you are going on an exchange for a semester, a year or even longer. It’s an unrivalled opportunity to learn another language, immerse in a new culture and meet some amazing people that you otherwise will never know. Having decided to […]

Things to do in Sirmione – an escape to Lake Garda

This is post 25 of 27 in the series “Italy” As a long, thin peninsula that extended in the middle of the southern shore of Lake Garda, Sirmione is blessed with mild weather, rich history and of course, the lovely Lake Garda. Inhabited since the ancient times, it was the favourite resort place for the […]

The Ultimate Guide to 48 hours in Milan

This is post 24 of 27 in the series “Italy” My thoughts of Milan had always been of their Duomo and the fact that it’s the renowned fashion capital of the world. I was a little sad to miss it on my Venice–Verona trip last April, so I decided this big city warrants more than just […]

Mantua – a hidden town of palaces

This is post 23 of 27 in the series “Italy” It’s all about the Gonzaga family in Mantua, a small city an hour south of Verona in the Lombardy region. Known as Mantova in Italian, the small town is surrounded by a shallow lake and is home to not one, not two, but three palaces and castles. […]

Top 5 of Padua, Italy

This is post 22 of 27 in the series “Italy” Padua, Padova. A university city that’s situated between the more famous Venice and Verona, it is skipped by most tourists as they either head east or west on the train, dismissing it as nothing more than one of the stops along the way. However, Padua, […]

The Ultimate guide to Verona Opera Festival – tips and expectations

This is post 21 of 27 in the series “Italy” Hosting one of the most renowned Opera Festival in the world, Verona is more than just a home to spectacular Roman ruins and the tragic love story of Romeo and Juliet. There’s no arguing that the fantastically preserved Roman arena is the perfect place for […]

A budget foodie’s guide to Verona

This is post 20 of 27 in the series “Italy” Italy is full of good food, and Verona is no exception. However, while I had never met anyone who doesn’t like food, not all of us are made of money. Since I had to spend a month hanging around Verona as I volunteer in Club di […]

Club di Giulietta – The secret life of a Secretary of Juliet

This is post 19 of 27 in the series “Italy” Club di Giulietta – Juliet’s Club has been made famous by the movie Letters to Juliet. Those famous words that millions of people know: ‘Oh Romeo, Romeo, why art thou Romeo?’ It’s no question that Romeo and Juliet is one of the most famous plays […]

The 100th post – a look back at why I travel

  In a world where a plane ticket can come as cheap as a high street shopping spree, it seems that anyone can go anywhere if they just decide they would. The Egyptians considered having a lavish palace with servants attending to them as a life rightly lived, but to us modern human it seems […]

Things to do in Villach, Austria

This is post 1 of 1 in the series “Austria” Villach, Austria was definitely not on the original list of my summer travel destination; in fact, it is a town that I had never even heard off. However, I needed a way to get from Bohinj to Verona, and it appears that the only way to […]

Travelling with your siblings – should you?

Traveling with people can be taxing, and sometimes even more so with your siblings. I have talked about the pros and cons of group and solo travel, but what I didn’t touch on is having the perfect travel companion. Why? Because there really isn’t such a thing; no matter how well you get along, there […]

Chiang Mai Temple Run – Top 5 + Tips

This is post 5 of 16 in the series “Thailand” Chiang Mai Temples are a famous sight; there are a million and one temples in Chiang Mai, just as there are a million and one churches in Rome. A country that’s dedicated to Buddhism, it isn’t surprising for Chiang Mai to have a temple at […]

A short guide to Chiang Mai Markets

This is post 4 of 16 in the series “Thailand” There’s nothing I love more in this world than markets and Chiang Mai is full of them. There is just something about the arrays of dizzying stalls stacked with goods of all kinds that sends my heart pounding and feet racing; but I am getting […]

The Ultimate Price Guide to Chiang Mai

This is post 3 of 16 in the series “Thailand” Wouldn’t it make our lives so much easier if we have a price guide to where we travel? How much the transport should be, what is the average price for meals etc. That way, we don’t have to worry about getting into a tourist trap […]

Zip lining: Flying through the jungles in Chiang Mai

This is post 2 of 16 in the series “Thailand” So why go zip lining? It seems a bit odd, but zip lining is a good way for us to get a feel of what it feels like to fly. And flying has always been a dream of mankind. That sounds like the opening of […]

Elephant chasing in Chiang Mai – Elephant Jungle Sanctuary Review

This is post 1 of 16 in the series “Thailand” Note: I have received many messages and comments about concern on the elephant welfare at Elephant Jungle Sanctary. I only visited during the day and can only speak from my experience. It’s worth noting for you that others who had stayed overnight etc reported less […]

Bohinj Summer Mobility Card and how to get around Bohinj

This is post 8 of 10 in the series “Slovenia” The Bohinj region in Slovenia includes the Triglav National Park, west of Lake Bled and less than two hours away from the capital of Ljubljana. A region full of amazing nature and sights, there are plenty to see over a large area as well as […]

Wine and dine at Stone Nullah Tavern

This is post 3 of 53 in the series “Hong Kong” Decadent, rich and spicy – these are the three words I would use to describe the Art Menu at Stone Nullah Tavern. I had never won anything since that bingo in high school, so imagine my surprise when I won the giveaway for a […]

Cycling in Bohinj – chasing waterfalls

This is post 7 of 10 in the series “Slovenia” One of the things that came up when I researched on what to do in the Bohinj region, Slovenia is its cycling path. Specially paved and design for cyclists, this path takes you around the small towns and countryside of the Bohinj region, although it […]

Lake Bohinj – spots and sports

This is post 6 of 10 in the series “Slovenia” The largest permanent lake in Slovenia, Lake Bohinj is somewhat neglected in comparison to its famous sibling Lake Bled. Though lacking an island in the middle that makes Lake Bled so famous, Lake Bohinj’s vastness and dramatic geo-glacial features give it a certain charm that […]

A summer day hike – Mount Vogel

This is post 5 of 10 in the series “Slovenia” Slovenia might be most famous for Lake Bled, but its national park, Triglav, is equally beautiful as well. While the northern Julian Alps might be a bit of a challenge for novice hikers, Mount Vogel in the southern Julian Alps are perfect for those who […]

Group travel vs Solo travel

Travelling is fun, there’s no doubt about that. There’s just something exotic and exciting about visiting somewhere that you have never been before. However, there seem to be two schools of people out there who advocate one form of travel over another: group or solo travel. Solo travel had gained a lot of momentum over […]

The Ultimate Guide to Bled

This is post 4 of 10 in the series “Slovenia” One of the most iconic lakes in the world, Lake Bled in Slovenia is a huge tourist attraction worldwide. Whether you are a backpacker, family or retired, there’s something for you to do and see in Bled, whether it is sports or just some stunning […]

Let’s get sporty in Bled

This is post 3 of 10 in the series “Slovenia” Bled is known for its picture perfect lake, but there are actually tons of active, fun activities that you can do there. From cycling to Canyoning, you can be as adventurous as you want or as chill as you would like. But one thing’s for […]

9 things to do in Ljubljana Slovenia

This is post 2 of 10 in the series “Slovenia” As the capital of Slovenia, Ljubljana is one of the most underrated cities to visit in Europe. If it wasn’t for a friend wanting to see the alternate art scene – Metelkova – there, it wouldn’t even be added to our itinerary. A perfect stop […]

Metelkova – see the other side of Ljubljana

This is post 1 of 10 in the series “Slovenia” Metelkova might not have much to do with the history and culture of Ljubljana, however, it is well known for its alternative art scene. Sprawling over 12,500 m2, it was squatted (yes, no joke) since September 1993 and became an autonomous social center; with its former […]

5 Penang restaurants I always go to

This is post 2 of 5 in the series “Malaysia” Penang has some of the most amazing cuisines, and restaurants are not the only place you can eat there. There are Hawker centers as well where individual store vendors come together to with shared seating for customers to pick and choose among them. Penang food, here’s the […]

5 must try Penang food

This is post 1 of 5 in the series “Malaysia” Penang is famous for its food. Each year I visit Penang to visit my relatives and the food there never cease to amaze me. It’s not just that they are good, but they are ridiculously cheap as well (although prices have gone up over the […]

My top 3 meals in Croatia

This is post 10 of 12 in the series “Croatia” Honestly, I had never expected Croatia to be so amazing in terms of food. I knew that it was by the sea – so sea food would be a given, but some of the meals I had and how little I had to pay just […]

Kamenjak National Park – seeking Dinosaur footprints

This is post 9 of 12 in the series “Croatia” Croatia is full of beautiful National Parks – and Kamenjak is no exception. Though not as famous as the Plitvice or Krka National Parks, it’s situated in the Istria region of Croatia close to the beautiful city of Pula. In fact, it’s only a short […]

The Ultimate Guide to Pula, Croatia

This is post 8 of 12 in the series “Croatia” Pula, Croatia had been on my bucket list for a while now because of its Amphitheater. Located in the northern district of Istria, this was the perfect conclusion to my love affair with Croatia with a 10-day trip that I took two months prior. Apart […]

Mount Etna tours review – a geo adventure

This is post 18 of 27 in the series “Italy” Arguably one of the most famous volcanoes in the ancient world, Mount Etna in Sicily is a still active volcano that plagued its nearest metropolis Catania throughout history. Rising to 3,329 meters in height with a 150 kilometers circumference at the base, it is a […]

Liebster Award – get to know me through 11 questions

I have been nominated to do the Liebster Award by the lovely David and Sissy from wetraveltolive! Liebster Award is a chain of 11 questions asked by up and coming travel blogger to one and other, in an attempt to get to know each other better. 1) What is the worst accommodation you’ve ever stayed […]

Top 5 things to do in Catania Sicily

This is post 17 of 27 in the series “Italy” A city buried by the eruption of the volcano Etna 17 times, Catania is the second largest city in Sicily. Founded in the 8th century BC and home to the first university in Sicily, its unique combination of history, geology, and pleasant weather makes it […]

Top 5 things to do in Palermo Sicily

This is post 16 of 27 in the series “Italy” Palermo, the capital of Sicily nestled in the northwest corner of the island brimming with 2,700 years of history. Founded by the Phoenician in 734 BC, it’s been under the rules of the Carthaginians, Roman Republic, Roman Empire, Byzantine Empire, Arabic rules, Norman conquest, then […]

A Short Guide to Taormina

This is post 15 of 27 in the series “Italy” A well-known holiday destination for British, Taormina is my second favourite stop in Sicily right after the Aeolian Islands. Situated strategically on a hill overlooking the Gulf of Naxos, it is known as The Pearl of the Ionian Sea. Even though the prices in Taormina […]

5 reasons why I ditched London and move back to Hong Kong

This is post 2 of 53 in the series “Hong Kong” Hong Kong vs London. It was a decision I had to make after my graduation in London. Even though I was born and bred in Hong Kong up until the ripe ol’ age of 11, I spent the next decade of my life traveling […]

The Ultimate Guide to the Aeolian Islands

This is post 14 of 27 in the series “Italy” The Aeolian Islands have long been a popular holiday destination for Italians and international tourists alike. A result of volcanism, its dramatic geology, beautiful sceneries was enough to draw visitors by the thousand even without the Sicilian cuisine. With 8 islands in the group and a […]

A Night hike up Stromboli

This is post 13 of 27 in the series “Italy” Volcano. That one word oozes adventures all by itself; in fact, no other words describe climbing up Stromboli at night better. There aren’t a lot of places in this world right now where you can climb up an active volcano at night and see an […]

Saving Zakynthos: 3 reasons to volunteer with Earth Sea and Sky

Last summer, I spent the month of July in the beautiful island of Zakynthos, Greece volunteering with the turtle conservation group Earth, Sea and Sky and had the most wonderful time. In fact, if I haven’t already applied for the travel writing course with CTR Berlin I would have stayed on for the rest of […]

Panarea – Stromboli – Part 3 of the 3 Boat Trips you Must take in the Aeolian Islands

This is post 12 of 27 in the series “Italy” The northernmost Aeolian Islands, Panarea and Stromboli are arguably the most popular. Since we have taken the Vulcano boat trip and climbed up its volcano, as well as the Lipari-Salina trip, we went for the 3rd and final boat trip during our stay. Although small […]

My 2015 travel in review

It’s hard to believe that I had been on the travel blogging journey for a little over a year now! Even though I had always been a bit of a jet-setter, flying between Hong Kong and UK for schoolings and then holidaying with my sister during university holiday – 2015 had been by far the […]

Lipari – Salina: Part 2 of the 3 Boat Trips You Must Take in the Aeolian Islands

This is post 11 of 27 in the series “Italy” Aeolian Islands is like a paradise, and our trip there has been my favourite aside from Taormina. The second boat trip that we take, Lipari – Salina is perhaps my favourite boat trips by far. The ultimate boat trip for water and geology lovers, this trip […]

Vulcano – Part 1 of the 3 Boat Trips You Must Take in the Aeolian Islands

This is post 10 of 27 in the series “Italy” Vulcano. The southernmost Aeolian Islands in the Sicily region. While Sicily is famous for its mix of culture, weather, food and vibe – to me, the jewel of this southern isle is the beautiful Aeolian Islands. A cluster of volcanic islands north of the mainland, the […]

Packing tips for carry on

Travelling with carry on only on budget airline isn’t easy – you got the liquid restriction, size restriction and only airline magazines for entertainment. However, with their unbeatable prices, you can only grit your teeth and adhere to the increasingly intricate rules of carry on restriction to save the extra dosh on something more worth it. Carry […]

My top 5 of Nice

This is post 3 of 5 in the series “France” There is nothing not nice about Nice, but truth be told it wasn’t one of the places that made me fall in love with it. It wasn’t exactly because it is not a lovely town, but more that in comparison with other places I visited […]

The Ultimate Day Trips from Split: 5 islands boat tour

This is post 7 of 12 in the series “Croatia” Split is the perfect place to base yourself if you dream about going to the beautiful islands of the Dalmatian. There are the dreamy beaches of Brac, the gorgeous Old Town of Hvar and the more secluded Vis to name but a few. Here’s a […]

My Top 10 travel apps

It’s no secret that the internet has revolutionized the world: there are a whole host of information and applications available now that wasn’t there a few decades ago. People can now do everything on their phone that no one could even dream of before – in fact, I still remember putting my phone away for […]

My Top 5 Roman Amphitheaters to see around the world

Rome. There is virtually no one who hasn’t heard of the glory of the Roman Empire, a civilization that conquered a vast stretch of land from Europe to North Africa. The only thing that almost as fierce as their thirst for expansion was their love for entertainment, and nearly everywhere they conquered you will find […]

How City Travel Review changed my life

One of the reasons as to why I started travel blogging was because of CTR. I am not sure how many of you have heard of City Travel Review: it’s a travel writing course that runs in several European cities offering you a chance to learn a language, explore the city and produce a travel […]

5 things to do in Zadar Croatia

This is post 6 of 12 in the series “Croatia” What is there to do in Zadar Croatia? If you were to ask me why is Zadar on our itinerary, I would answer that it’s because of its proximity to Plitvice, as well as the cheaper flights flying out of its airport run by Ryan […]

Behind the Scenes… Funny and Failed Travel Photos

The silhouette of a girl staring into the sunset, a triumphant jump into the air on top of a mountain and the elegant back of a girl walking on a cobble street; these kind of polished photos flood through millions of Instagram and travel blogs every day. What people don’t usually see, however is the […]

The Ultimate Hiking Guide to Porto Venere

This is post 9 of 27 in the series “Italy” Since almost all of the trails in Cinque Terre were closed during our visit, our hostel manager at Ostello Tramonti* suggested that we could hike down to Porto Venere from the village of Biassa via Campiglia. The hike would take about three hours and involve a […]

10 Places to see before they disappear

As you review your bucket list, there are certain places you may want to prioritize visiting as rising sea levels, earthquakes, floods, global warming and other natural phenomenon affect different cities and tourist attractions around the world. This article outlines 10 places to visit before they disappear. These popular tourist locations are at-risk from the […]

My top 5 Social Media for Travel Inspirations

We live in a world where we are constantly bombarded with information. With the rise of smart phones and social media, there are endless ways for us to connect with the world out there. I went from getting my information straight from the tourist information center five years ago to now relying almost entirely on […]

Marseille – a day trip destination

This is post 2 of 5 in the series “France” I have two over-whelming memory of Marseille, the first is the distinctive smell of cat pee, the second is that everywhere seems extremely dodgy. My opinion was echoed not only by my sister, but by our Blablacar driver and Airbnb host in Nice. The streets […]

A day in Calanques National Park

This is post 1 of 5 in the series “France” Calanques National Park is a short bus ride from Marseille in the South of France and one of the most beautiful national parks I have ever seen. There is some kind of magic that exist along this stretch of land seen nowhere else. With the […]

What to see in Split Croatia in one day

This is post 5 of 12 in the series “Croatia” What to see in Split Croatia in one day? As the retired place of a Roman Empire, there is a kind of an abandoned elegance in Split that you are not going to find anywhere else. Going from Dubrovnik, a medieval walled city to Split, […]

An adventure in Mljet National Park

This is post 4 of 12 in the series “Croatia” A gorgeous island two hours away from Dubrovnik, Mljet National Park is situated on the island of Mljet, a 37km long island with an area of 98.10 km. The park itself is situated on the western tip of the island, gorgeously forested with two lagoons: Veliko […]

Summer Loving Trends – 9 things I love about Metallic Tattos

  There are countless trends going on in the summer, because summer is a time to play with bright colours and cute little things. I have seen everything from flower headbands to armlets, but let’s be honest – it’s not really something for everybody. Flower headbands can be too tacky and armlets can cut off […]

A short guide to Elaphiti Islands

This is post 3 of 12 in the series “Croatia” Elafous means deer in Greek, and legend has it that the Elaphiti islands are named so because the cluster of thirty islands resembled a deer, or that it’s named after the deer on the island. Not far from Dubrovnik, it’s the perfect day trip destination. […]

Kayak Dubrovnik – Roughing the Sea around Lokrum Island

This is post 2 of 12 in the series “Croatia” Though Dubrovnik is famous in its own right, kayaking around Dubrovnik is equally as fun. And what is a trip to this city without visiting at least one of its surrounding islands? One such island is Lokrum – a small island a mere 600 m from Dubrovnik. […]

Dubrovink – a City of Stone and Light

This is post 1 of 12 in the series “Croatia” The pearl of Adriatic, Dubrovnik rose to fame as one of the best preserved medieval cities and the filming location of the popular TV series Game of Thrones. With polished limestone streets, high stone walls and gorgeous orange tile roof – it’s a time portal […]

Best Gelato and Ravioli in Verona (or the World…)

This is post 8 of 27 in the series “Italy” Northern Italy is not where I thought I would find the best Italian food. In fact, I would even go as far as saying that I had no real expectation for the food when I go decided to Venice and Verona. I am not saying […]

Verona card review and top picks

This is post 7 of 27 in the series “Italy” People often consider Verona as the City of Love, and it is every bit as romantic as its name. Even without the story of Romeo and Juliet, the red tile roofs, stone bridges and medieval architecture is enough to induce a whimsical, romantic feelings in […]

5 Affordable DIY to Spice Up your Summer Wardrobe

  We all love summer – the sun, the breeze blowing past you and of course, the beach. It’s a relief to put away your heavy winter wardrobe and bring out the flowery, gauzy summer outfits that you have been waiting for. I know every time summer comes around I itches to go on an […]

Searching for Romeo and Juliet

This is post 6 of 27 in the series “Italy” Oh Romeo, Romeo, why art thou Romeo? Most of us are familiar with the tragic love story written by Shakespeare three centuries ago. The star-crossed lovers from two rival families that ended their family fraud, and all these took place in fair Verona. My heart […]

Sight-seeing in Venice – Secret Itinerary, Museum Pass and Chorus Scheme

This is post 5 of 27 in the series “Italy” Venice is a sight to behold, and it’s amazing how much a little island can pack in terms of museums and churches. Some of you might be a die-hard museum fanatic, and some of you just want to walk the tourist-trudged path to the most […]

Perfect little lunch spots in Venice

This is post 4 of 27 in the series “Italy” With sprawling canals, charmingly paved squares and balconies brimming with geraniums and heartsease, there is virtually nowhere in Venice that wouldn’t make a good lunch spot. However, there are corners more enchanting than others and I would like to raise you my four favourite outdoor restaurants […]

A photo diary of Venice

This is post 3 of 27 in the series “Italy” Venice: the famous city of water is arguably one of the most photographed city on the planet. And it’s not hard to imagine why with the picturesque canals and fairy-tale like bridges – even their lunch spots are picture perfect! Needless to say during my […]

Top 5 of Prague

This is post 5 of 5 in the series “Prague” Prague is a popular destination with plenty to see. From its Old Town to the two castle districts, you have a lot of sights jostling for attention. However, there are 5 that stood out the most to me, and I want to share my list […]

Fast, Cost-effective way to deal with Zip Bulge

  You know that moment when you find that perfect dress on the internet and you how excited you felt when you wait for it to arrive. However, this all come crushing down on you as you slip on the gorgeous garment and saw that there is an unsightly zip bulge on your back, making […]

Burano, Murano and Torcello – review of Viator tour

This is post 2 of 27 in the series “Italy” A visit to Venice wouldn’t be complete without a trip to its surrounding islands. Out of the sizable collections, my sister – the designated planner for Venice singled out the following: Morano, the island famous for glass; Burano, the island famous for lace and Torcello, […]

When fairytale comes true – A Cinderella Exhibition

This is post 11 of 17 in the series “London”  We had all grown up with fairy tales, the tragedy of the heroine and her unwavering goodness, the twist of fate that bring her to her prince and the happily ever after. Whether we admit it or not, most of us are a sucker for […]

Surfing up the turf it’s not easy – it’s Big Easy

This is post 10 of 17 in the series “London” Big easy was first mentioned to me by my university friends as a really good grill and seafood place, and how they actually get enough to eat there (we all know someone who can inhale food like a bottomless hole). However, I had been far […]

How not to annoy or get annoyed by others on holiday

This is post 1 of 27 in the series “Italy” During my recent trip to Italy my sister and I had encountered a lot of tourists like us; some were lovely, some were not. The highlight was a man, probably in his fifties purposefully walked in front of me to block my photo because I […]

Making a cardigan from jumper

Spring is nearly among us (don’t lose hope on the British weather! It should be getting better any week now that it’s April!), I had been craving a pastel-coloured, waist length cardigan for the longest time but never seemed to be able to find it in stores. This year was no difference; however, when browsing […]

Traveler vs Tourist – don’t let the trend dictates you

I love reading travel magazine and blogs, learning new places and getting tips from the experts. Lately, however, there seems to be a lot of emphasis on being a ‘traveler’ when you journey rather than a ‘tourist’. What is the difference? And what’s all the hype about the so-called ‘traveler’?  First, traveler is an eight […]

Brunch from Down Under – Lantana Cafe

This is post 9 of 17 in the series “London” Not all brunches are created equal. After finding the best maple syrup bacon in Jackson and Rye, I was looking for another excuse to try out a new brunch place (Contrary to popular believe, my life mostly revolves around home and Uni). I am not […]

Hacks to fast-plan your trips

Being a self-confessed travel junky, I love going to new places and exploring every nooks and crannies that’s not off limits (most of the time). However, I hate not knowing anything about the history of a place that I am visiting, so I often make sure that I have something with me that offer any […]

Dazzling… Dazzling Cafe

This is post 1 of 53 in the series “Hong Kong” Originated from Taiwan, this heaven for desserts lover attracts a long queue of both locals and tourist at their TST store at The One mall in Hong Kong. Despite its 90 minutes only slot and a minimum order of one drink per person the […]

Kimchee in London

This is post 8 of 17 in the series “London” I have always been a fan of Korean food, so when my friend suggested we go to Kimchee to celebrate another friend’s birthday (she’s quite a fine diner) as this is her favourite restaurant, I expected grand things from it. Situated almost equidistant from Holborn […]

What’s more to life than Burger and Lobster?

This is post 7 of 17 in the series “London” For most Londoners, you probably smiled and nodded when you see the words Burger and Lobster. For those of you who don’t know what I am talking about, well, you are missing out and I am here to correct that. You get fries, salad and lobster […]

Bruching in London: Jackson and Rye – it’s all about the bacon

This is post 6 of 17 in the series “London” There’s nothing better than meeting your friends for brunch on a weekend, catching up on gossips and laughing over a plate of delicious food. The only flaw in the plan is that everyone is thinking the same thing, and in London places tend to get […]

Luscious Cocktail – Covent Garden Cocktail Club

This is post 5 of 17 in the series “London” Having stumbled upon this gem whilst researching for New Years’ Eve Party, this well hidden basement cocktail club had quickly become one of my favourite places in London. Contrary to its namesake, this charming place is situated only a stone throw away from Leicester Square […]

Groupon Getaways Reviews – expectations and tips

With groupons becoming more and more universal, one can virtually buy anything from clothes to household appliance to restaurant deals at a discounted price. However, a lot of people hesitate in the face of travel deals. For those of you less familiar with the concept, groupon is a platform for merchants to offer deals to […]

My Top 5 of Brussels

This is post 2 of 2 in the series “Belgium”   Only a two hour’s train ride away from London is the dazzling city of Brussels, full of gastronomical and architectural treasures. The capital of Belgium is known to be small, but the three days I spent there wasn’t enough to visit everywhere I wanted […]

3 Things I Love about Berlin

This is post 1 of 7 in the series “Germany” I had the privilege of living in Berlin for a month when I defied my parents and embark on a travel writing course CTR in the summer of 2014. To say I fell in love with the city would be a gross understatement. Be it the […]

London Spotlight – Cheeky Burger

This is post 4 of 17 in the series “London” v>  Staying true to its name, Cheeky Burger offers a quirky, unconventional menu alongside your classic cheeseburger. The patties are made from steak quality meat right before your very eyes: sizzling, drizzling and engulfing you in a smokey aroma. For the picky eaters worrying about […]

69 Ways to Eat Mussels in Brussels

This is post 1 of 2 in the series “Belgium” I have never been a huge fan of mussels, but my sister is. So when we decided to go to Brussesls, she was overjoyed and immediately set on the task of finding the best restaurant to eat mussels; and she wasn’t disappointed. After scouring through […]

Hackney Flea Market – featuring the Wolf and Moon

This is post 3 of 17 in the series “London” I love flea markets. There’s something more exciting about hunting for treasure through piles of second-hand clothes, and the satisfaction of knowing that it’s unique. The good news is, London is full of them. Hackney Flea Market pop up on my radar one day, so […]

Eating through Prague

This is post 4 of 5 in the series “Prague” A wise post once told me that you should only waste your weight on good food, and I can’t agree more. Seeing all the awesome viewpoints and other top attractions can be exhausting can be exhausting. But nothing makes or breaks a trip more than whether […]

Vintage Shopping in Prauge

This is post 3 of 5 in the series “Prague”   s an avid shopper, I can never resist looking up second hand or vintage stores whenever I visit a new place. Nothing reminds you of a city more than a unique piece of clothing or accessory that you bought whilst on holiday. Prague was […]

Urban Food Fest – does it live up to its hype?

This is post 2 of 17 in the series “London” Having acquired a taste for street food in Berlin, I found it hard to pass up on any street food festivals. With a huge amount advertisement, the Urban Food Fest in Shoreditch had been one such place that I had been planning to visit and […]

The legend of Charles Bridge and the mystery of Astronomical clock

This is post 2 of 5 in the series “Prague” Two of the most famous sights in Prague are the Charles Bridge and Astronomical Clock. In fact, it’s so famous that even though I loved them, I don’t think is fair to include it in my top 5 favourites in Prague. However, many who visited them have little […]

Merry Mittens – Christmas crochet time!

I first got into crochet when I was still the Chair of Fashion Soc; our Liaison Officer had hired a crochet instructor to run a series of workshop during Feburary. Scared that no one would show up, I attended the sessions to make the most out of the subsidized lessons, and to make sure it wasn’t […]

Winterville – a photo guide

This is post 1 of 17 in the series “London” A favourite Christmas destination, Winter Wonderland is no stranger to Londoners and tourists. However, this year a rival festive fair has started in East London, rising in Victoria Park. Intrigued by this alternative, I treked allk the way across East London to investigate this new […]