Quick facts

Capital: Seoul

Transport: South Korea has a great train connection and domestic flight options to places like Jeju.

Currency: Korean Won which has large numbers. 1,000 won is about 6 HKD which is 0.8 cent.

Sim Card: you can buy pre-paid sim cards on Klook and pick it up in the airport or city center.

Handy apps: KaoKao Map and KaoKao Talk to get around. I also use Klook to book tickets and activities.

Language: Korean – there is a formal and informal version of the language. It’s important to distinguish so it’s best to learn the formal version!

  • neh. Yes.
  • ah-nee-oh. No.
  • jwe-song-ha-ji-mahn. Please.
  • gahm-sah-hahm-ni-da. Thank you.