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About Laugh Travel Eat

The girl who laugh, travel and eat.

(and her twin! And her friends! ha)


Ok, so I probably won’t be laughing or travelling all of the time, but I am going to eat most of the time.

My name is Nam, I am a geology graduate who started LTE when I was in my last year of university as a personal travel log and recommendation site to all my friends and y’all. I moved back home to Hong Kong in 2015, having travelled across the two continents and love every second of it (except the jetlag).

I first worked in content marketing and I didn’t enjoy it, so I took a chance and went full time with my blog. Now, I’m a travel writer, blogger, and tour guide in Hong Kong hustling to make it work 🙂

The Twin: Wing

This is Wing, Nam’s twin whose back is often featured in photos/video/vlog and is the photographer for Nam’s photos.
Nam is the writer between us and I am the planner!

I know some people like to be spontaneous and want to roll with it when they get there, but personally, I like to do research so I understand more about the place I am going to! It also takes the pressure off during the trip in terms of worrying about logistics side of things and be able to relax and enjoy!


The dedicated dinner host living the provincial life in Hong Kong. Loves to be featured, becomes fit, and binges on fries


The perpetually lost future lawyer is being trained take instagram worthy photos. She also helps translate LTE’s content to Chinese!


Aussie-born active gal – she frequently hangs with the twins so they aren’t just by themselves.


Twin #2’s best friend, she is often busy hanging out with other friends but occasionally appears. Cat Lover.


The designated funny girl – she doesn’t know what is going on 90% of the time. But we love her anyway.

Kjera at kjerabolten hike norway europe | Laugh Travel Eat


Kristy is a dear friend from University who has stayed in UK for work. She now guest posts her adventures after being begged to.

Why Laugh Travel Eat?

These three words might not be the ultimate motto in life, but it’s certainly one that would bring everyone joy. LTE is a blog dedicated to providing travel advice and tips for people who want to take every opportunity they can to travel but doesn’t necessarily have the time to do all the research.

LTE strives to provide the most comprehensive list of recommendations to make sure you don’t miss any great spots or spend too much money.

What is Laugh Travel Eat?

Despite the sea of travelers and tourists debate, I truly believe that everyone should go and see the world in their own way.

This isn’t a blog that will tell you how to travel or what you should do at this location. This is a blog of my experience, what I enjoyed and what I didn’t enjoy so that you can take something away it.

I am here to save your research time and compile everything in an Ultimate guide, Short guide or Top 5 posts; as well as travel tips and hacks to make your life easier.


Why would you want to hear from me?

From a traveler/tourist to another, believe me when I say that whatever it is you want to know, I have asked it. Having written for my university’s newspaper and wrote a travel guide to Berlin as a group – I might not have the classic journalistic training, but I will present my experience with complete honesty.


  1. Hi Nam,

    How are you doing? I’m a fellow travelers from Singapore.

    I stumbled onto your blogs while researching Slovenia. I wrote to firstly to show my appreciations for taking time to published details that a traveler will needs to do trip planning. Personally I like hearing people’s experience and if it’s in line with my interest, I’ll incorporate it into my travel plan. I found most of the answers I’m looking for, in your blogs – so your blogs achieved your aim to save research/planning time.

    All good and I look forward to read more of your adventures.

    P/s: I think you may have linked the Ljubjana’s map to Bohinv’s map instead. You might want to check.

    Many thanks & Cheers!
    BeeHong from Singapore.

    • Hi BeeHong,

      I am so happy to hear that you find my blog posts useful, it is the #1 reason why I publish the information! Slovenia is such a great place to visit – enjoy your trip 🙂 Thanks for the heads up as well, I’ll look into the map problem!


  2. Hi Nam, you have one of the most resourceful traveling website that i’ve come across.
    I’m trying to use your resource library for the maps but unfortunately the steps in your website does not help much on how to open the map.
    I tried using on desktop and iphone, it does not even open. In Iphone its just showing up as another tab to download a file but not in Google map offline.
    Appreciate if you could tell me how to open up your maps KML file.

    Thank you!

  3. Hi, I am truly glad to come across your Blog… Fantastic info on Qingyuan, to the point & all things informed without a need to ask anything. 🙂 great. Can you kindly guide how to reach from Qingyuan station to wonderland & Gulong Gorge (Guess thats the Big Glass Bridge) is this possible to cover both in a day with Kids (age 6/7) Since we dont speak Mandrin Needed detailed direction to visit the place. (is this better than visiting Shenzhen windows to the world) since I am confused between two. Would be glad to get your assistance.

    • Hi Ketan – Unfortunately we were part of a group tour from Hong Kong so I don’t know how the transport will work. However, if you are starting from Shenzhen it’ll be a 2-3 hour journey one way, so it might be best to visit Windows to the World instead

  4. Nam! I know this has been said many times but like so many others I want to thank you! I’ve been traveling for about a year and a half now and have definitely done a lot of research on my destinations. I came across your article about Saigon, Vietnam and I am blown away by your organization and detail. I’ve seen probably hundreds, if not thousands, of traveler blogs and yours is by far my favorite! Thank you for making travel even more insatiable with your crystal clear advice. ☺️

    • Hi Erica,

      I’m so glad you find my post useful! This means a lot and I appreciate you writing to let me know – I hope you enjoy your travels 🙂


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