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Hong Kong Eat

Calories should only be reserved for good food

Hong Kong is no stranger to good food

There are no ends of gastronomical superstar in this metropolis. While I wouldn’t call myself a foodie, I am an avid food lover who has a particular obsession with food. This page includes both lists and individual reviews, but the one common thread is the good food!

Personal favourite

bowl of fishballs and sai mai fa yuen street Mongkok Hong Kong - Laugh Travel Eat

Mong Kok Street Food

My favourite street food neighbourhood, you can find everything and anything in Mong Kok. See where you can find the best Japanese hand roll, pineapple buns, as well as fishballs and fish sui mai!

egg waffle modo argyle center mong kok hong kong - laugh travel eat

Hong Kong's very own Egg Waffle

Egg waffle is one of the most popular snacks in Hong Kong and for good reason. It’s fluffy, crunchy, and a perfect snack. You even get a variety of flavours! Here are my favourite egg waffle places in Hong can find everything and anything in Mong Kok.

freshly squeezed lemon tea happy lemon hong kong - Laugh Travel

Best Bubble Tea in Hong Kong

Bubble tea shops can now be found in almost every corner in Hong Kong! Originally a Taiwanese invention, it has taken over the city and here are some of my favourite for you to try!

Best Restaurants

Hong Kong is bigger than you think! I have a list of my favourite restaurants but there isn’t enough room to cover everything. Check below for individual districts/areas’ food guide!


Sai Kung's best eats

Sai Kung town is the gateway to the most beautiful slice of nature in Hong Kong. Naturally, one would need to fill their bellies before and after an adventure. As someone who visit there often, here are my top picks:

dim sum at Lin Heung Tea House sheung wan hong kong - laugh travel eat

Sheung Wan's secret & not so secret restaurants

Sheung Wan is a quirkly neighbourhood fill with good (and much cheaper) food and a close walk from Central. I have worked there for half a year and returned many time since, my top picks will be coming soon!


Sham Shui Po's noms

A district bordering Mong Kok, Sham Shui Po is a more local neighbourhood with many cha chaan teng and delicious international food that’s budget friendly.

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