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Hong Kong

Born and bred in Hong Kong – I have finally moved back to my home town after my 12 years stunt as a student in the UK. In a city of 7 million people, living in this metropolis is kind of like living in a huge kaleidoscope and you never know what you might see next.

There are a lot of misconceptions and preconception about Hong Kong as a city, and being a weird mix of local and foreigner, I want to expose Hong Kong’s beauties to you all through my eyes.

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Hong Kong top Instagrammable Spots

Come and find out the secret and not-so-secret top instagrammable spots in Hong Kong! From colourful housing estates to places of natural beauty, there are a lot of photogenic places in Hong Kong.

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First timer's Guide

Visiting Hong Kong for the first time? Here are some info from a local – you might even find some tidbits that you don’t know about even if you’ve been here.


Where to Stay in Hong Kong

Hong Kong has many great hotels, perhaps too many. Which is why I have written a post with the best area to stay in Hong Kong, why, and where.

Neighbourhood Guides

Off the beaten path top picks


Qipao Experience

Loves cultural experience and photos. This one might be more of a latter, but go dress up in Qipao – HK’s traditional dress – for a picturesque day out.

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Tung Ping Chau

A small island closer to China than Hong Kong, Tung Ping Chau is famous for its many natural landmark with the sedimentary rocks.

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Ninepin Islands

Another geological gem, discover the hexagonal columns of Hong Kong by visiting the remote Ninepin islands!

Short/Day trip options

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A city that extends right by the border, Shenzhen is a great day trip option from Hong Kong with its myriad of restaurants, malls, and cheaper costs.

view from taipa grande taipa macau - laugh travel eat


An hour ferry ride’s away is the Las Vegas of Asia: Macau. But don’t forget about its Portuguese heritage and beautiful architecture with many photogenic spots.



Qingyuan is a province north of Quangdong, China with beautiful caves, rivers, and world record breaking glass bridges that makes for a great weekend getaway.

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