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  • indian temple po kak tsai road hong kong - laugh travel eat

    Hidden Hindu Temple Fanling: low level urban exploration

    This is post 108 of 117 in the series “Hong Kong” Did you know that there’s a hidden Hindu temple in Fanling? The Gurkha Hindu Temple of the Burma Lines Camp that was built by the Nepalese. You might better know it as Queen’s Hill Camp. A step away from the temples of Hong Kong […]

  • Checkerboard Hill: a Hidden Kowloon hike

    This is post 107 of 117 in the series “Hong Kong” Checkerboard Hill is just like its name, a checkerboard of red and white square along its cliff face. Located between the extensive Kowloon Tsai Park and Lok Fu Park, it’s a relic from the old Kai Tuk Airport so the planes flying in will […]

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