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Essential China Travel Tips
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Quick facts

Capital: Beijing

Transport: There are high-speed train network that connects most major cities. Within the city there are generally metro and good bus network. 

Currency: Chinese Yuan, 10 RMB = 1.5 USD = 11.5 HKD

Sim Card: if you want to be able to access western social media and google, you’d need a sim card that is already jail-break in

Handy Apps: China is their own ecosystem with a ton of new apps that you would need. Some essential ones are basically replacement of the rest-of-the-world counterpart. You can find a full list here.

Language: Mandarin is the official language in China. But the country is big, and each province has their own dialect. But you should learn the basics:

  • Ni Hao = hello, Ni Hao Ma = how are you
  • Xie Xie = thank you

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