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Quick facts

Transport: The city is well connected:

  • MRT – the mass rail transport links directly to the airport and most parts of the city. You can now pay by visa or master card, which makes life a lot easier. I noticed that I was charged a lump sum from the week I spent there.
  • Grab is the best taxi app to use to get around the city. Although if you have to go to the airport early, you cannot book a taxi before 8am.

Sim Card: I generally get a simcard that I can pick up at the airport.

Handy apps: Grab for taxi and google map is useful

Currency: Singaporean Dollars. You want to have some cash for hawker centers, but most places do accept card. 1 SGD roughly = 6 HKD, 4 SGD roughly = 3 USD

Language: Singaporeans speak great English, and most of them also speak mandarin. You might also find people speaking Cantonese, Hokkien, Malay, and Hindi!