We live in a world where there is a myriad of choices, and some of us might suffer from choice paralysis (I know I have)! I want to create this page for a list of trusted resources and rpoducts that I have personally found useful so that you can benefit from it, too!

Disclosure: some of these links are affiliate links, which means if you click through and purchase something, I get a small % at no cost to you. I won’t put anything here that I haven’t used or verified myself.

Favourite Accommodation Booking Portals



Though some people article Hotel.com is better, I like the variety on bookings.com, especially since you get Genius discount if you use them long enough. There are also plenty of free cancellation options in case plans changes

Secret Escapes

If you want some affordable luxury, then checking for deals on secret escapes would be the best way to score some! Focusing on Asia, it’s similar to Voyage Prive minus flights!

Get 140 HKS off (for new customers)

Tripscount Hotels Portal

Tripscount Hotel portals is relatively new with a simple UI/UX and functionality, but it does offer some amazing discounts. The key is to look at how to contact the accommodation to make sure you know how to get your keys or entry details for apartments.

Check Tripscount discounts here
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Favourite tour operators


Klook has become my go-to app before my travels in South-East Asia. I mostly use it for its cheap WiFi Egg rental or Sim Card purchase – got to stay connected! But it also offer some well priced day tours and transport options, which came in super handy when I’m doing last minute organization.

Check out Klook
a chefs tour

A Chef’s Tour

This is my go-to for food tours in Southeast Asia, led by locals (often chefs) that would take you to some amazing street food spots you otherwise won’t find! I’ve been to most of their tours already and I just absolutely love them.

Look at some delicious food tours

Omio and 12GoAsia

I usually use Omio to book trains and bus in Europe all in one place. For Southeast Asia, 12GoAsia has more options – and it saves me from booking with cash or through travel agencies with no reviews

I also give Viator a check along with Get Your Guide, as the two offer a range of similar but not quiet the same tours around the world! It’s always better to get two quotes!

Check out some tours

Get Your Guide

For ticket bookings or tours that I can’t find on Klook (or outside of Asia), I usually go to Get Your Guides since it has a low price comprehensive list of all attractions etc around the world!

Check out some tours
takemetour thailand

Take Me Tour

Aside from Klook, Take Me Tour is a great platform for all things Thailand travel. They have a range of comprehensive tours run by locals throughout the country where you can experience something truly local.

see some local tours for Thailand

Sony A7C

Sony A7C is the best full frame camera for travel. Yes, it’s still kind of heavy, but the photo quality is unrivalled and the shutter speed is what dreams are made of! 

Tamron 17-28mm f/2.8

The best lens for Sony A7C that would be good for everything from half portrait to landscape. It is relatively less bulky with great autofocus

Iphone 13 Pro Max

As good as a full frame camera is, sometimes it’s still fastest and most convinient to take photos on your phone. I’m currently using my Iphone 13 Pro Max and it’s great for videos and photos. It doesn’t do as well in low light, but it still pretty powerful. 

GoPro Hero 7

For outdoor adventurers, a GoPro is a great asset. I use it mostly for timelapses or for underwater footage, though you can argue that an Insta 360 would be equally as useful!

Dji Mini 2

I had the Dji Spark but since it was from 2017, it is no longer available and the technology has gotten better. I’d say get the Dji Mini 3 Pro if you have the budget, otherwise Mini 2 is still amazing.

Joby JB01507 GorillaPod

Joby is one of the best brands for tripods and their gorillapod really is worth the money. It has a steady grip and also can hold the weight of even a small camera. I do mostly use it for my tripod.

Manfrotto MT190XPRO3 Aluminum 3-Section Tripod

Manfrotto is another great brand for tripod and this one is good for camera and phone. If you are just shooting on your phone, then try this lighter one by Joby.

Bluetooth Remote

Bluetooth remote is essential for many of my photos and videos especially on the phone. You can’t make the best of Iphone’s RAW function if you don’t have a remote to take multiple photos!

Travel/Camera backpack

I can’t find the exact backpack that I used but this one is the closest. To be fair, I only use it for my travel days but it is extremely handy with the camera pouch. Plus laptop sleeves!

Packable Duffel

I have something similar I take on my travels so if I end up buying more things, I’m prepared. It’s also great as a weekend getaway bag during longer travel or from home.

Packing Cubes

Packing cubes have definitely revolutionised the way I pack. It’s impossible to keep things organised without them although I do tend to break them with how much I stuff in…

Toiletry Bag

Having a toiletry bag is very handy during travels especially if you stay in hostels. It just makes sure that if things leak inside, it won’t spill all over everything else.

Travel Bottles

Travel bottles are good for carry on and also more environmentally friendly than constantly buying new smaller ones. I always have like two 100ml bottles of my conditioner since my hair are long and need more maintainence. 

Fast Dry Towel

A fast dry towel is handy because sometimes you don’t have time or space for a towel to dry and be packed. I have one for the off time a hostel don’t provide towel or for beach time.

Manfrotto MT190XPRO3 Aluminum 3-Section Tripod

Manfrotto is another great brand for tripod and this one is good for camera and phone. If you are just shooting on your phone, then try this lighter one by Joby.

Headed Eye Mask

Ok this one seems super weird but since I have dry eyes and am constantly on the phone/laptop – this is a life saver. Try it bui if you move a lot in your sleep it’s not for you.


Kindle is my best travel companion that has help me past countless long travel days and solo meal.

ASUS ZenBook

I have finally upgraded my laptop to the ASUS Zenbook after my previous ASUS laptop has lasted a whooping 9 years. It has a long battery life and great keyboard.

External Battery Packs

You will probably be using your phone all day, so be prepared! I preferred the ones with cables attached in case I forgot mine. Mine is 20,000 mAh but 10,000 mAh should go a long way already.

Travel Adaptor

Travel adaptor is a must and nowadays with 4usb port, you should be able to charge everything you need (more or less).

Web Hosting

When I first started blogging, I went with Siteground which was a great value for moeny for what I need. Now that my blog sees more traffic, I’m with BigScoots who helped me migrate smoothly.


I have finally upgraded my laptop to the ASUS Zenbook after my previous ASUS laptop has lasted a whooping 9 years. It has a long battery life and great keyboard.

Envato Market

With the WordPress system, you would need a theme and also plugins to make it the way you want and do the things you want. I mostly get my themes and plugins from Envato Market. The current one is Flatsome.


This is how I organise my social media message, in particular Facebook, twitter, and Pinterest, for my scheduled post. It saves me so much time and make sure that I don’t forget to post about something!



Since Boardbooster has closed its doors, Tailwind is the #1 Pinterest scheduling tool for those who wants to take Pinterest to another level. You can join Tribes, schedule pins and check analytics beyond what Pinterest provide here.