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We live in a world where there is a myriad of choices, and some of us would suffer from choice paralysis (I know I have)! I want to create this page for a list of trusted resources and products that I have personally found useful so that you can benefit from it, too!


Disclosure: There are some affiliate links below, which means if you click through and purchase something – I get a small % at NO COST TO YOU. I won’t put anything here that I haven’t used or verified myself.

Favourite Accommodation Booking Portals


AirBnB is my favourite way to book accommodation if I am travelling in a group of more than 4 people. It certainly made my Croatia experience the BEST that it could be.


Though some people article is better, I like the variety on, especially the homestays!


If you want some affordable luxury, then checking for deals on secret escapes would be the best way to score some! Focusing on Asia, it’s similar to Voyage Prive minus flights!

Favourite tour operators

Klook has become my go-to app before my travels in South-East Asia. I mostly use it for its cheap WiFi Egg rental or Sim Card purchase – got to stay connected! But it also offer some well priced day tours and transport options, which came in super handy when I’m doing last minute organization.

For the conscious travelers, Backstreet Academy runs tours that give to locals at the Bottom of the Pyramids. They offer a lot of unique tours by working with the locals and it’s a great company for those who want to do local activities.

I’ve only recently discovered 12GoAsia and can’t believe it! This makes booking transport around Southeast Asia so much easier and quicker. It has bus and train option with routes covering the entire region!

I also give Viator a check along with Get Your Guide, as the two offer a range of similar but not quiet the same tours around the world! It’s always better to get two quotes!

For ticket bookings or tours that I can’t find on Klook (or outside of Asia), I usually go to Get Your Guides since it has a low price comprehensive list of all attractions etc around the world!

Aside from Klook, Fayfay is a great platform for all things Vietnam travel. They have a range of comprehensive tour throughout the entire country and even multi day one!

Note: you pay in VND so check with your credit card to see if it incur any extra charges

Compact and powerful mirrorless camera is perfect for beginners. I have been using it for the past few years and it hasn’t failed me. It takes pretty decent night shot as well, and with the right lens take some pretty snazzy portraits, too.

I mostly use my GoPro for epic time-lapse and water activities – though it takes a mean selfie if you are traveling solo! It’s great for the solo traveler because it’s small, portable and wide angle!

Perhaps a bit of a pricey accessory for a device that’s already costing big bucks – but having a remote make taking selfies, particularly ones of yourselfies, so much easier!

A top-notch SD card means that you are able to capture the photo you want at the speed you need to – trust me, I learned the hard way!

My go-to portable tripod for my solo trip or if I don’t have enough space. It’s versatile and can be mounted on surfaces. Without it, I won’t be able to take some good self-timer shots or nice time-lapses.

Practically 90% of the videos I publish are shot on my Iphone 7+. I keep choosing it over the others because it’s handy and has great stabilization! Honestly, I love my caerma and my GoPro, but your phone is what you’ll have on you 100% of the time

Getting a drone has been a game changer in my photography game. Now I won’t lie: I get nervous every time I fly it, and having a drone comes with some risks, but man, the photos and videos are unrivaled!

Although it’s not cheap, but Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop has been the key for my photography’s improvement. From making the lighting perfect to getting rid of those stubborn tourists that refuse to move, it’s an absolute must if you want to make your photographs the best they can be!

The best, easy to use backpack – there’s a 40L, too

Best for rough terrain and longer trips.

For your extra shopping/packing needs.

A surprisingly spacious two-way bag perfect for citybreak.

The best way to compress clothings and stay organised.

Keeping your toiletries organised and separate.

Best room saver – my personal favourite brand is Savfy, but this is good, too.

Perfect for short trips and carryons.

Best travel companion, hands down.

A lightweight, powerful laptop for any digital nomads

You will probably be using your phone all day, so be prepared!

One adaptor to charge them all

Just kidding to the left, you’d need this too!

Web Hosting

Siteground has been the best host service after my switch from an independent host. Not only are they fast to respond to your questions, they solve my problems quickly too!

Organic traffic from Google is one of the best traffic sources and is what really helped me get the ball rolling with it! Getting the right search phrase people are using is never so easy and I can’t recommend it enough.

My current wordpress theme is WP Voyager, which allows me to integrate a google map into my blog post easily. I bought it on Envato, which also offer a lot of great themes

This is how I organise my social media message, in particular Facebook, twitter, and Pinterest, for my scheduled post. It saves me so much time and make sure that I don’t forget to post about something!

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CoSchedule - The #1 Marketing Calendar
Tailwind Visual Marketing Suite

Since Boardbooster has closed its doors, Tailwind is the #1 Pinterest scheduling tool for those who wants to take Pinterest to another level. You can join Tribes, schedule pins and check analytics beyond what Pinterest provide here

This comes after your trip – if you have taken clips and videos and don’t have the time/effort to edit it, I absolutely recommend VideoDone. They take care of all the editing for you with professional cut and you can leave comments and choose different packages!