Hiking is fast becoming the most popular past time in Hong Kong. A lot of people have the misconception that Hong Kong is a concrete jungle, and many of my friends on Instagram find it hard to believe that all the places I hike to are in fact, in Hong Kong. Believe it or not, Hong Kong is a mountainous city with plenty of hiking trails set up by the government, and many of them are extremely scenic.
Among the most famous ones are the Lion Rock Mountain, Dragon’s Back, the 3 peaks of Sai Kung, Sunset Peak and the list goes on. I often tag along with my friends and sister to go hiking every weekend, and it seems only fitting if I share these trails with you guys, too, as I strive to show everyone the other side of Hong Kong - the nature side.
(You can also see more on my youtube channel as I vlog my way through the hikes!)

Wo Yang Shan hike: frolic under Tai Mo Shan

This is post 53 of 53 in the series “Hong Kong” If you are seeking a dreamy hike without a crowd high up in the mountains, Wo Yang Shan is a long but worthwhile hike that’s perfect for an adventure. With giant rock outcrops, a view of Tai Mo Shan radar towers as well as […]

Hung Heung Lo Fung: shortest hike in Hong Kong with a view

This is post 51 of 53 in the series “Hong Kong” Hung Heung Lo Fung, which means Red Incense Burner, is also known as the Braema Hill hike. It is one of the easiest hiking trail to do in Hong Kong, only a ten minutes hike (or rather, walk) from the nearest exit point. Atop […]

Kai Kung Leng: the velvet trail of Yuen Long

This is post 49 of 53 in the series “Hong Kong” Kai Kung Leng, which translates roughly to the “Mountain of Chicken”, is a beautiful mountain ridge that runs parallel to Tai To Yan in Fanling in Yuen Long. A more intermediate hike, the trek takes five hours with little to no shade throughout the […]

Devil’s Peak: fortifications and urban views galore

This is post 47 of 53 in the series “Hong Kong” Devil’s Peak is one of the easiest urban hike to do in Hong Kong, walkable from the nearest MTR Station with plenty of exit points. Located at the eastern end of Victoria Harbour, you can see Hong Kong Island, Victoria Harbour, and Kowloon from […]

Robin’s Nest: hike between Hong Kong and Shenzhen

This is post 46 of 53 in the series “Hong Kong” Have you always wanted to walk the borders? You can get pretty close to hiking between Shenzhen and Hong Kong along Robin’s Nest. Not only does the hike offers a beautiful view of both cities, it also doubles up as history walk as it […]

Buffalo Hills: hike up rocky outcrops and silver grass in Hong Kong

This is post 45 of 53 in the series “Hong Kong” Buffalo Hills refer to the West Buffalo and Buffalo mountains between Shatin and Sai Kung district, close to the Kowloon Peninsula. Despite being called Buffalo Hills, the most distinctive features of the both are the huge rocks that scattered around. The hike has an […]

Tai To Yan: a Hong Kong razor ridge hike

This is post 44 of 53 in the series “Hong Kong” Tai To Yan trail in Tai Po is one of the most popular trails in the area, running roughly north to south and offering a panorama of New Territories and even Shenzhen east and west of it. The name Tai To Yan in Cantonese […]

Lion Rock Hike: how to hike up the iconic Hong Kong mountain

This is post 43 of 53 in the series “Hong Kong” Lion Rock mountain might not be as famous as Victoria’s Peak, but it is the spirit of Hong Kongese and the most distinctive mountain along the Kowloon mountain range. With a rocky outcrop that resembles the side profile of a resting lion, Lion Rock […]

A hike up Ma On Shan via Tiu Shau Ngam, Hong Kong

This is post 42 of 53 in the series “Hong Kong” Ma on Shan, which can be directly translated as saddle mountain due to its shape, it’s the most prominent feature view from the city with the same name. While there are many routes to reach the top, one of the most popular route is […]

Lung Ha Wan Country Trail: a hike up Tai Tun Leng Hong Kong

This is post 38 of 53 in the series “Hong Kong” Lung Ha Wan Country Trail is just across the road from High Junk Peak and a good alternative for those who are not keen on tackling the longer, harder trail.   Note: the hike itself is not long, but you will have to walk […]

High Junk Peak: the second sharpest peak of Hong Kong

This is post 37 of 53 in the series “Hong Kong” High Junk Peak is part of the three sharpest peak in Hong Kong but surprisingly the easiest (relative) to hike. With weirdly photogenic boulders to perch on along the way as well as the scenic Clear Water Bay, you can even just hike along […]

Needle Hill Hong Kong – conquering the third sharpest peak

This is post 36 of 53 in the series “Hong Kong” Needle Hill is named after its needle-like shape, a mountain between Tsuen Wan and Shatin that is the third sharpest peak in Hong Kong. On the first part of the hike, you get a great view of Shing Mun Reservoir and Tsuen Wan in […]

Easy hiking trails in Hong Kong: 5+ best hikes for beginners that isn’t Dragon’s Back

This is post 35 of 53 in the series “Hong Kong” Hong Kong is emerging as the best urban hiking destination, however, a lot of the times these hikes can be challenging. With the likes of Needle Hill, Kowloon Peak, and Sunset Peak drawing people to them with their stunning vista, a lot of the […]

Wu Gau Tang to Tiu Tang Lung hike: Hong Kong’s mountain and bays

This is post 34 of 53 in the series “Hong Kong” Wu Gau Tang is a beautiful area located in the Plover Bay Marine Park area in Tai Po. It is a popular hike for many dog owners with its flat route and free parking lot, but also present some challenging mountains for those who […]

My favourite hike: Shui Long Wo – MacLehose Trail Stage 4

This is post 33 of 53 in the series “Hong Kong” One of the most famous hiking trails in Hong Kong is the MacLehose trail. It’s is a stretch of 100 miles path that cut across New Territories and Kowloon, meandering roughly east-west. Because of its length, it’s separated into stages and Stage 4 is my […]

Best of Sai Kung’s nature: Lai Chi Chong, Sham Chung, and Yung Shue O hike

This is post 32 of 53 in the series “Hong Kong” Another great Sai Kung hike, the trail from Pak Sha O to Lai Chi Chong, then to Sham Chung via Kai Ma Tung and then to Yung Shue O is a long 5-hour hike that would take you to some pretty stunning landscapes and […]

Tai Tun Shan – the thousand islands view of Sai Kung

This is post 29 of 53 in the series “Hong Kong” Tai Tun Shan is one of the many mountains and hills that dotted the Sai Kung countryside. It is not to be confused with Tai Tung Shan, also known as Sunset Peak, on Lantau Island. Despite not being a particularly long hike, it is […]

Ninepin Island: the hidden hexagonal column paradise of Hong Kong

This is post 28 of 53 in the series “Hong Kong”   The first time I came across Ninepin group – a series of 29 volcanic islands in the Sai Kung Sea – was when I hiked the High Junk Peak in Hong Kong. We could see the hexagonal columns from afar, and the dramatic […]

Tung Ping Chau Day trip: hidden Hong Kong

This is post 27 of 53 in the series “Hong Kong” Tung Ping Chau is an island in northeast Hong Kong, much closer to China than Hong Kong itself. This little island is not only famous for its unique rock formation, but also part of a marine park. Tung Ping Chau’s unique landscape and remoteness […]

Hiking Tsz Wan Shan: the most underrated view of Kowloon

This is post 24 of 53 in the series “Hong Kong” Most people head to the Lion Rock or Suicide Cliff when they hike the peaks between New Territories and Kowloon, but there are many more peaks in between that boasts a wonderful view with less crowd. One of such is Tsz Wan Shan, also […]

West High Hill – an adventurous alternative to the Peak

This is post 21 of 53 in the series “Hong Kong” Most of you have probably never heard of West High Hill, but I bet you know the iconic view on the Peak. People flock up to the Peak for a great view of Victoria Harbour and Hong Kong in general, but it’s often overcrowded […]

Pineapple Mountain: a visit to the Hong Kong Grand Canyon

This is post 15 of 53 in the series “Hong Kong” Pineapple Mountain has become THE Instagram spot because of its unique features that’s reminiscent of the Grand Canyon. As a sub-tropical city with mostly igneous rock (take Four Consecutive Pools and Falls for example), it’s rare for this kind of weathered structure to be […]

Night Hike in Hong Kong: Suicide Cliff, Kowloon Peak

This is post 13 of 53 in the series “Hong Kong” Made famous by the National Geography winning photo, Kowloon Peak and its Suicide Cliff is a popular night hike destination in Hong Kong, with many people flocking over there for an insta-famous shot. As part of the mountains that separate New Territories from Kowloon, it […]

5 amazing beaches in Sai Kung, Hong Kong

This is post 8 of 53 in the series “Hong Kong” If any of you follow me on Instagram, you would have been flooded with photos of Sai Kung. A lot of people are familiar with Lantau Island, Stanley and Shek O, but Sai Kung is the favourite of people living in the New Territories. […]

Below are the mountains I have conquered:



A surprisingly challenging yet short hike – Tai Tun Shan in Sai Kung offers a good cardio on top of a unique angle on the Sai Kung bay. In fact, the view rivals that of thousand islands lake. of the hike here.

Tai Tun Leng

A nice short walk that offers a great view of Clear Water Bay, it’s a nice family hike choice!


The MacLehose trail stage 4 run through Ma On Shan and offers some of the most stunning views of Sai Kung!


A great summer hike destination, this pool is popular for the hikers and cliff jumpers – although I won’t recommend the later!


One of the three sharp peaks of Sai Kung, High Junk Peak is the easiest hike of the three and offers a good view of Sai Kung.


Dubbed as the Hong Kong Grand Canyon, this little patch of spectacular weathered cliffs are one of the most instagrammed places in Hong Kong, drawing youngsters by the dozens on weekend.


A gorgeous beach that is accessible by boat or hike only, it’s a secluded spot that is perfect for summer day trips!

Lai Chi Chong, Sham Chung, Yung Shue O

Sai Kung’s 3 best hidden trails, you get to see Lai Chi Chong geopark, Sham Chung grass field, and Yung Shue O mangroves!

Robin's Nest

Close to the China-Hong Kong border on the NE New Territories, Robin’s Nest is closed to an abandoned lead mine and just under 500m high.
You can see the surrounding countryside and Shenzhen clearly – as well as the border.

Kai Kung Leng

Also in Yuen Long, all the way in NW New Territories, Kai Kung Leng and Kai Kung Shan can be seen from the West Rail Line as a formidable mountain.
But it’s actually a pleasant hike that offers a higher vantage point to the Wetland park and Shenzhen.

Kai Shan

An easy hike in the deep Northwest New Territories – Yuen Long – Kai Shan takes you pass some mountain graves and up the hill for a view of the Wetland Park as well as Shenzhen in China!

Buffalo Hills

The Buffalo Hills are gaining in popularity for many hikers. A challenging hike with rewarding views to Sai Kung and Shatin, you get a bunch of rocks to perch on, too.

MA ON SHAN Tiu Shau Ngam

There are many trails around Ma On Shan and this is but one of the viewpoints!

Tai To Yan

Also known as ‘big razor edge’ in Chinese, it’s a hike that straddles Tai Po and Fanling with great views


Hike under the highest mountain in Hong Kong to Wo Yang Shan and admire its many rock outcrops and serene nature!


The toughest and shparest Peak of Sai Kung, you will need to get your hands dirty on this hike and plenty of supplies! But you’ll also go past some of the most gorgeous beaches!


A challenging hike on Lantau Island, it’s popular in the autumn because of the silver grass. However, the stairs are also ridiculously long.


A less popular hike that my friend took me to – it’s not for the faint of heart or beginners with its stone rabble!



The symbol of Hong Kong people’s spirit, this is one of the most accessible hike.


The trail took us through the Devil’s Peak with the old battery left from the colonial time as well as the Black Hill. It’s a 2-3 hours hike, perfect for a half day trip.


The hightest mountain in Kowloon – it’s one of the best night hike destination.


East of Lion Rock Mountain is Tsz Wan Shan – a lesser known hike that offers a wider view of the Kowloon Penisular. If you really want to go off the beaten path, this is the place to hike.

Hong Kong Island


An easy hike that brings you to a spectacular coastline!


One of the most famous trails in Hong Kong and ranked as one of the top 50 beautiful hikes in the world.


Offering a clear view of Stanley, the Twins Peak will test your stairs abiligty with over 1k stairs either side – but hey, the view is great, right?

West High Hill

An alternative to the Peak, West High Hill offers a stunning panorama of the Victoria Harbour and Pok Fu Lam

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