hong kong is more than just a concrete jungle

Hiking is fast becoming the most popular past time in Hong Kong. A lot of people have the misconception that Hong Kong is a concrete jungle, and many of my friends on Instagram find it hard to believe that all the places I hike to are in fact, in Hong Kong. Believe it or not, Hong Kong is a mountainous city with plenty of hiking trails set up by the government, and many of them are extremely scenic.

Among the most famous ones are the Lion Rock Mountain, Dragon’s Back, the 3 peaks of Sai Kung, Sunset Peak and the list goes on. I often tag along with my friends and sister to go hiking every weekend, and it seems only fitting if I share these trails with you guys, too, as I strive to show everyone the other side of Hong Kong – the nature side.
(You can also see more on my youtube channel as I vlog my way through the hikes!)

Essential Hiking information in hong kong

Best time to hike in Hong Kong

While you can hike anytime in Hong Kong, the best time to do so is between October to March before the weather gets too hot. It is also possible until May or June, but one should avoid hiking between July to October as it is the typhoon season.


Getting around Hong Kong (for hikes)

Most of the hikes are accessible by public transport, so having an Octopus Card is essential. Make sure you top it up before you leave and bring cash in case you need to call a taxi. I recommend having a balance of 50 HKD on Octopus Card and bring 200-300 HKD cash

Essentials for hiking in Hong Kong

As with hiking anywhere in the world, it’s important to make sure you have enough water, wear the right footwear, and know where you are going. You can see my full gear list here.

Pro tip: you’ll sweat more than you expect hiking in Hong Kong so bring a small towel!

Top hikes in hong kong

Easiest Hikes in Hong Kong

Planning to do a quick hike in Hong Kong but don’t want to exert too much energy? Here are the easiest hikes in Hong Kong with the best view!


Lion Rock Hike

Lion Rock is the most iconic mountain for the Hong Kong people and also sport a spectacular view. It is one of the best intermediate urban hiking route that takes 3-4 hours to finish


Suicide Cliff of Kowloon Peak

Made famous by photos and by instagram, Suicide Cliff is part of Kowloon Peak on the same ridge as Lion Rock. Its night view is one of the best but don’t underestimate the difficulty.

West High Hill, Hong Kong

An alternative to the Peak, West High Hill offers a stunning panorama of the Victoria Harbour and Pok Fu Lam

MacLehose trail

Sai Kung Country Park

sai kung islands

Clear Water Bay area

Ma On Shan

tai po area


Personal Favourite hikes

Tai Tun Sha, Sai Kung

A surprisingly challenging yet short hike – Tai Tun Shan in Sai Kung offers a good cardio on top of a unique angle on the Sai Kung bay. In fact, the view rivals that of thousand islands lake. of the hike here.


Buffalo Hill, Shatin

The Buffalo Hills are gaining in popularity for many hikers. A challenging hike with rewarding views to Sai Kung and Shatin, you get a bunch of rocks to perch on, too.


MacLehose Trail Stage 4, Sai Kung

The MacLehose trail stage 4 run through Ma On Shan and offers some of the most stunning views of Sai Kung! It’s my absolute favourite and a popular paragliding spot.

Hikes with Unique Landscape

Pineapple Hill, Tuen Mun

Dubbed as the Hong Kong Grand Canyon, Pineapple Hill is an area of spectacular weathered cliffs and one of the most instagrammed places in Hong Kong, drawing youngsters by the dozens on weekend.

Tai To Yan, Tai Po

Also known as ‘big razor edge’ in Chinese, Tai To Yan is a hike that straddles Tai Po and Fanling with great view.


4 Consecutive Pools and Falls

A great summer hike destination, the Four Consecutive Pools and Falls is a popular for the hikers and cliff jumpers – although I won’t recommend the later!

Off the beaten path

Robin’s Nest, near the border

Close to the China-Hong Kong border on the NE New Territories, Robin’s Nest is closed to an abandoned lead mine and just under 500m high.
You can see the surrounding countryside and Shenzhen clearly – as well as the border.

Lai Chi Chong, Sham Chung, Yung Shue O

Sai Kung’s 3 best hidden trails, you get to see Lai Chi Chong geopark, Sham Chung grass field, and Yung Shue O mangroves!


Tsz Wan Shan/ Temple Hill, Kowloon

East of Lion Rock Mountain is Tsz Wan Shan – a lesser known hike that offers a wider view of the Kowloon Penisular. If you really want to go off the beaten path, this is the place to hike.

More Challenging Hikes

Tai Tun Leng, Sai Kung

A nice short walk that offers a great view of Clear Water Bay, Tai Tun Leng is part of the Lung Ha Wan Country Trail that’s short and makes for a nice family hike choice!

High Junk Peak, Sai Kung

One of the three sharp peaks of Sai Kung, High Junk Peak is the easiest hike of the three and offers a good view of Sai Kung.


Ma On Shan Tiu Shau Ngam

There are many trails around Ma On Shan and this is but one of the viewpoints! Tiu Shau Ngam means ‘hanging knuckles’, referring to the hills before the Ma On Shan itself.

Off to Nature

Wo Yang Shan, Tsuen Wan

Hike under the highest mountain in Hong Kong, Wo Yang Shan might be a 6 hour hike, but it’s relatively quiet with many rock outcrops and serene nature!

Needle Hill, Tsuen Wan

One of the three sharpest peak in Hong Kong, Needle Hill lays between Tsuen Wan and Shatin with a vista of Shing Mun Reservoir and both cities.


Kai Kung Leng, Yuen Long

Also in Yuen Long, all the way in NW New Territories, Kai Kung Leng and Kai Kung Shan can be seen from the West Rail Line as a formidable mountain.

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