Things to do in Villach, Austria

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Villach, Austria was definitely not on the original list of my summer travel destination; in fact, it is a town that I had never even heard off. However, I needed a way to get from Bohinj to Verona, and it appears that the only way to reach Italy from that part of Slovenia was to go via Villach, Austria. Not knowing what to expect and scrambling for a last minute pass through there, I ended up enjoying my quiet, relaxing time in this quaint, historic town at the southern border of Austria.

Villach Austria overview


The 7th largest city in Austria, Villach was once the Roman town Santicum, and it was officially managed as Villach in 1240. What we see today mostly dated after 1690, one of the two devastating earthquakes that occurred in the medieval periods as well as several fires. In fact, it is easy to forget that you are in the 21st century as among the cobbled streets and colourful, elegant façade of the buildings.

The town is quite small and walkable and there is plenty for you to see even if you are just stopping by on transit. The train station is a stone throw away from the city center, which by the way offers lockers for you to stow your bags. Now that we got everything sorted, here are some top spots:

Things to do in Villach Austria

St Nicholas Church


On your way to the Drava River, you will go past the church of St Nicholas. Also translate to as the St. Nikolas Church, the name in German is Nikolaikirche. Built in 1306, it is built in the Gothic Revival style with a church tower that is almost 4m high. It has a dusty pink and white brick-like façade and a cute, 3 navel entrance. Admission is free and there are plenty of cafes dotted around Nikolaiplatz, so it’s worth a stop after visiting the tourist information center opposite.

Town Bridge

Town Bridge, Villach, Austria | Laugh Travel Eat

Although the current Town Bridge is only 56 years old, the spot it occupies has been the crossing point for people visiting Villach since 878. Its first incarnation was a wooden structure called ‘Pons Uillah’, and the second an elegant arch bridge. In fact, before 1858 a toll was collected to cross the bridge. Nowadays, you are free to wander across the Drava River next to the waving flags advertising the latest festivities in town.

Carnival’s fool statue

a question to ponder

Right in front of the Towns Bridge is the bronze statue of a carnival’s fool, staring out towards the center of Villach with a pensive expression on its face. It was built in honour of the famous “Villacher Fasching”.

Congress Center Villach

The red and glass Congress Center

If you turn left before the Town Bridge and walk along the north bank of Drava River, you will soon reach the squarey red building of the Villach Congress Center. A modern architectural piece with an impressive glass front facing the river that lets in the natural sunlight, it offers a great view out as well. While the red building houses the conference hall, the center is also a Holiday Inn hotel.

There are large areas of outdoor seating around the center facing the river, and it makes for a wonderful spot to read or admire the sceneries.


The line of outdoor cafe seating along Hauptplatz

The main road that greets you as you crossed the Town Bridge over the Drava River, this spacious, pedestrian-only road lined by colourful rows of houses is a splendid sight to behold. Dating back to the 12th century, the well-paved street and the historical buildings along this road makes it the center of Villach. Flooded with quaint cafes and neat alleyways, this curved road will take you towards the Church of St Jacobs as well as passing by the Trinity Column and several historic houses, including the house of Anna Neumann von Wasserleonburg.

Trinity Column

The Trinity Column in the middle of Hauptplatz

Erected along the Hauptplaz, the Trinity Column cannot be missed by the passerby. Dating back to 1739, the column is made of a white marble and is thought to provide protection to the people. It is also known as the plague column with the statues of the Virgin Mary, Holy Florian and Holy Rochus added to commemorate it.

Church of St Jacobs


The city’s catholic parish church, the Church of St Jacob’s clock tower can be seen towering over the houses along Hauptplaz. Its gray spire and neat white façade with a simplistic clock in gothic style gives it a fairy tale quality. The current church was rebuilt after the 1348 earthquake that destroyed its predecessor, which was first mentioned in 1136.

The intriguing interior of Church of St Jacobs

It’s definitely worth visiting the intriguing interior, with cobweb like red veins that originate from the red supporting pillars known as rib vaulting. The altar is done in the rococo style and the pulpit Renaissance.

Town Hall

I took this photo when sitting on a deck chair on faux grass under the canopy 🙂

Opposite the Church of St Jacobs, the Town Hall is now a mix of ancient and modern affair. It was heavily damaged during the WWII, however, it was restored in its white-wall grey-tiled-roof glory. With a three-sided enclosed courtyard that was partially covered by an arch canopy on top, it is often decorated for festivities and season and a wonderful gathering place.

The ‘Burg’

Once a castle, now a residential building!

The oldest building in Villach – it certainly doesn’t look so with its orange roof and clean white walls. It is also a little hard to reconcile the fact that this was a castle and was home to the office of Bambery for over 700 years. Now it is mostly residential, with a small exhibition room on the ground floor filled with information as well as precious artifacts for visitors.

Villach Thermal Bath and Villach Swimming Pool

Kaernten Therme


I had half a day to spare and figured, why not check out the thermal bath in Villach? Kearnten Therme is close to the city center, with frequent trains from the Villach HBH going to the Villach Warmbad Bahnhof which is right next to the thermal.

It has a comprehensive facility that includes swimming pools, slides, crazy river, and of course, sauna, spa, and even a fitness center. They have a variety of passes available and I opted for Day Fun and Spa admission at 31 Euro and basically lounged around and went on the slides alternately! It was the perfect place to go because it was such a rainy and dreary day otherwise.

Opening times: 9:00 – 22:00 (Sauna 10:00 – 21:30)

For more information, visit their official website.

Villach hotel

Villach is a small city, and for the most part, you basically have to choose between being in the center or being in nature. For those who aren’t traveling on their vehicle, I’d say stick to the city center unless you are looking for a nature-oriented holiday!

Hm where to stay?

Budget: Globo Plaza is only 5 minutes from the town center, with extremely good prices for Austria and offers a free shuttle to the train station. Altstadthotel Kramer is in the middle of the city center with glowing reviews, and offer great ski and thermal discounts!

Mid-range: Stay in a historic building from the 1500s with Romantik Hotel Post in the very heart of Villach, though if you have a car then it’ll be a problem as parking is limited. A great modern choice would be Hotel City, which is close to the river, city center, and train station!

Splurge: Treat yourself and stay right by the thermal baths at Hotel Warmbaderhof, guests have exclusive access from 7:00 to 8:00 and you’ll be close to amazing nature.

Villach Hostel

Jugend- und Familiengästehaus Villach is the number one choice in the region, with modern and basic dorms and rooms suitable for backpackers and family alike.

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