The Ultimate Summer Reading List

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Summer readings are essential whether you are going on a holiday or having a staycation laying around at home, the pool or the beach. You want to find something engaging and page turning to read during your down time, I know I certainly did when I was travelling around Europe last summer. Personally, I find kindle to be a great asset as I can buy books on the go without carrying extra weight, but paperbacks certainly have their own charm as well. Here’s a list of books that I find re-readable and deserving for a spot on anyone’s reading list.

Teen fiction

A much lighter read than most, teen fictions are not just meant for teens. Even adults can enjoy a good teen story. It’s a hugely popular genre as well, filled with great reads:


Since you’ve been gone

I purchased this on a whim after seeing glowing reviews on Amazon. Admittedly, at first the story was a bit dragged out, but it quickly picked up and turned into one of my favourite reads. It’s the perfect friendship and growing up story mash into one epic summer adventure.



The Summer I become a Nerd

An even lighter read, this story is about a high school cheerleader who is secretly a nerd. Although quite cheesy, I do like the storyline and struggles with things that only matter in high school and nowhere else.


Paper Town

To some, John Green is overrated, but even though his isn’t going to win great literature prizes, he has a unique understanding of teenagers and I love it. Paper Town is the perfect coming of age story that would make you reconsider your life choices and more. And Quentin the lead is a perfectly likeable and relatable person.


The fault in our stars


Another John Green’s, I love the realness of the novel and how it doesn’t sugar coat anything. It raises awareness to the life of young cancer patients and how your life aspirations aren’t hampered by your health. And it’s a love story.




Nothing like a good old love story to warm your heart and give you that fuzzy feeling. And regardless of your real life’s relationship statue, a romance novel goes a long way for cheering up your mood and getting you hopeful for love.

 Marrying Mr. Perfect Series (reality romance series)

For anyone who loves the Bachelor Franchise, this book and its series are not to be missed. A gripping tale that’s less dark than the Unreal TV series and goes behind the doors of the production, it gives you a healthy mix of the good and bad side of the reality TV industry and of course, a bunch of awesome love stories. Oh and it’s free on kindle.


Me before you


Even though it’s turned into a movie, you shouldn’t skip the book. Another one on the list that shone light on health issues, this one follows the quadriplegic and the struggle that comes with it through the eyes of Louisa Clark. Waring: you will be bowling in tears by the end of it.


The Matchmaker’s Playbook

A college romance story, I like this book because of the concept as well as the characters. What happens when a self-confessed love expert runs a company to bring people together and ends up falling for one of his clients? Let’s find out…


Suddenly Royal

I have something to confess: I love royal love story as well and this book is definitely one of the best royal romance I could find on Amazon. The first book in a series that follow three royal siblings, this one talks about the long lost duchess who returns to the fictional land of Lilaria with a handsome prince to escort her.



Okay, I get it, not all of you are up for teen fic or romance. Here are some exciting works that will transport you to another world. Unfortunately, not literally.


Thief’s Magic (Millenial Rule)

A different world altogether, Thief’s Magic is the first book in a trilogy that follows a world full of magic and world travels. It follows the life of Tyen and Rielle, showing two different worlds that would eventually collide further down the line…


Someone’s in my head


A gripping tale by a talented young author, Someone’s in my head is one of the most gripping modern day sci-fi fiction that follows the life of Jarod Wickenham, who woke up from a deadly incident with someone else in his head. How? Why? What happened? Read to find out!


The Blast

A post-apocalyptic novel that’s one of the most realistic one I had ever read, the Blast shows what life would be like in America for a small family after a nuclear bomb went off. And how it changed Beatrice’s life forever.


Percy Jackson series

If you are a fan of Greek Mythology, then you’d love the Percy Jackson series. Yes, it’s geared towards teens, but it is an excellent way to dive deeper into the world of Greek gods and mythical creatures and imagine them in the real world.



If you are not a fan of fiction at all, then here are some great books that will shed some light into your life and provides value (recommended by my sister – because I am not a huge non-fiction reader).


When I say no, I feel guilty

We all have experience it: our friends, family or partner want us to do something we don’t want to, yet we feel bad about saying no and ended up doing it. Why is this the case and how do we get out of this black hole? If you want the answer, this book is for you!


The Richest Man in Babylon

Personal Finance doesn’t always have to be boring. In this book, you get to read about the financial life and struggles of men in ancient Babylon, and pick up a few hacks whilst you are at it!



There’s a lot more going on inside our head than we know it- our subconscious process information, stimuli in the environment faster than our conscious part can register. If you are interested in what goes on inside the dark corners of your brain, read this book to find out more!


The defining decades

Now mind you- I am sick of older people telling me what to do with my life, but this is not what this book is about. The author, a practicing therapist helping 20 something patient, put together some of the best examples her clients experienced and gave us insights as to how our 20s are important to us, and why inaction and adhering to culture norm can be bad for you.


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