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Travelling means bringing things with you, and having been through the process of packing hundreds of times, there are certain items that I always take with me on a trip. Of course, it varies depending on where one is going, and there are the obvious items such as your mobile phone and underwear. But there are things that are less easy to remember, but handy to have, and I want to share my top 10 travel essentials that might just be as useful to you:

>if you are looking for daily travel essential, here’s 5 items that I keep in my day bag!

Top 10 Travel Essentials | Laugh Travel Eat
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Heated eye mask

When you are out and about all day, your eyes will get tired quickly, and the best way to treat and revive them for the next day is by using a heated eye mask. These disposable ones are a godsend and I cannot live without them on holiday, otherwise, my eyes would be a wreck. They work by using chemicals to create a suitable level of heat to warm your eyes for about 15 minutes, and the steam really erases the tiredness.

Quick-dry towel

Whether you are staying at a hostel or a hotel, going to a city or countryside, a quick dry towel always comes in handy. Especially true for those who might be going swimming or doing sport, and even more so for those who are staying at a hostel, a towel that can dry quickly and folded small is essential and I certainly can’t part with mine one. In fact, because it dries so much faster than regular towels, I still use them at home to help dry my hair. Otherwise, it will take me days to get my towel dry during humid seasons.

Sewing kit

Even if you are male, a sewing kit can come in handy. There are lots of accidents on the road, and ripped clothing is among the most common problems. Having a sewing kit handy will save your wardrobe and any emergency purchases that would ensue.


Getting cuts on holiday or even everyday life happens, and blisters from walking too much are a huge issue as well. Having some band aids ready when the crisis arises will save yourself from further agony.

Foldable shopping bag

A foldable shopping bag is the perfect solution for carrying extra things. A lot of countries will charge extra for a plastic bag, even the UK had started doing that in September 2015. It is also a lot easier on the shoulder and arm, as they don’t dig into your skin like plastic bags do. The last bonus? It’s environmentally friendly! And you never know when you need to carry something.

Ear Plugs

This is particularly important for those sleeping in hostels, or travelling long hours on buses or sleeper trains. There will always been someone who snores or talk super loudly for the world to hear, so having something to block out the noise is imperative. I usually carry extras as well, in case I lose them. And it has come in handy to hand out to a few friends.

Spare plastic bag

What do we need this for? We already got the foldable shopping bag. Okay, so this is for something else. We all have dirty laundry that we don’t want to get mixed in with the rest of our luggage, and this is where this spare plastic bag will come in handy. The same can be said for shoes, and having something waterproof and dirt proof to stow them with can make the journey less hair-pulling madness.

Packing Cubes

For those who are an over packer like me, or anyone who wants to stay organized in general, packing cubes are the bomb. By picking the right size, I limit myself to pack whatever I can put in and no more, and it also makes my luggage less chaotic with pieces of clothing here and there. It also acts as a compressor, creating more space to pack things than normal.


Useful for both rain and sunshine, an umbrella is an important equipment to bring especially in a country where the weather is changeable *cough UK and Hong Kong cough*. In extremely hot countries, having a UV protective umbrella means your life just got 100 times easier.


Useful for a multitude of things, sunglasses are a staple for your holiday wardrobe especially in the summer. Whether it’s to shield your eyes from the sun or hide your tired eyes due to last night’s partying. It’s also a statement accessory for your wardrobe, and having a few pairs up your sleeves to match your outfits to will make your look pop out even more.

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Top 10 Travel Essentials | Laugh Travel Eat
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Written by Nam Cheah

Hi, my name is Nam. I am 24 and spent half my life in Hong Kong and the other half in UK. I believe there's endless experience and beauty in the world and this is me chronicling how to experience the best at the best price.

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