A summer day hike – Mount Vogel

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Slovenia might be most famous for Lake Bled, but its national park, Triglav, is equally beautiful as well. While the northern Julian Alps might be a bit of a challenge for novice hikers, Mount Vogel in the southern Julian Alps are perfect for those who wants to experience the Slovenian mountains, but doesn’t necessarily has the time or experience to tackle the proper hikes.

>If you are more keen on waterfalls and water sports, then I got those covered, too.

Vogel Ski resort

victory photo at the end of hike on mount vogel bohinj slovenia - laugh travel eat

Though most famous for skiing, Vogel ski resort in the Bohinj region not too far from Bled is the perfect base for anyone of any level planning on exploring the beautiful Slovenia countryside for a day. Easier to access via public transport than the northern Julian Alps, you get to start off your journey at 1,535 m above sea level, therefore saving you and your legs the minimum of half a day’s journey.

Vogel Cable car

vogel cable car bohinj slovenia - laugh travel eat
Speeding away on the Vogel carlift
vogel cable car station at the bottom bohinj slovenia - laugh travel eat

The cable car is the reason that makes Mount Vogel and the surrounding peaks hike-able for a day, or even half a day’s time. With a Bohinj guest card, a return journey costed me 11 euros. Shuffling into the spacious compartments with fellow tourists, we all ooohed and wowed at the view of Lake Bohinj as we raced upwards towards the mountain that would otherwise take the whole day to hike up.

The cable car departs about every 30 minutes, and the last one leaves the ski resort at 18:00 (19:00 during summer seasons). So be sure that you can get back out on the last car down, or that you have an alternate way of returning to the ground.

Address: Žičnice Vogel Bohinj, d.d.
Ukanc 6
4265 Bohinjsko Jezero

How to get there: Ukranc Crossroads bus station at the entrance of the car park, the bus run by Alpetour and departs from Ljubljana via Bled that stops at various town ending at Savica waterfall. Journey is free with Bohinj guest card.

Cost: 11 euros return for those with Bohinj card,

Timetable & more information

Choosing a path + being prepared

vogel ski center map at the bottom bohinj slovenia - laugh travel eat

There are a myriad of trails for you to hike around Vogel Ski Resort, with the highest peak being Mount Rodica at 1,964 m above sea level. There is a map right by the exit from the cable car that you can consult, but it’s only good for an overview and nothing else.

The best thing to do is to either ask for directions at the information counters or tourist information centers in the Bohinj region or get an offline map with GPS so you can navigate without the fear of getting lost.

I recommend the OsmAnd app – I used it for my solo hike and I wouldn’t have done it by myself otherwise. 

You can get a FREE exclusive copy of my hiking trail plus a map of Lake Bohinj region with all the interesting spots and info here.

Most of the hikes take 2 hours plus, and if you can, I would definitely recommend wearing hiking boots and bring a hiking pole as well. However, if you do not have either, it is possible to complete it wearing trainers and picking up a branch to act as walking pole (which is exactly what I did).

Vogel Mountain summit climb

Having spent the morning visiting the Savica Slap, I arrived to the Vogel Ski Resort around 1pm. At 1,532 m a.s.l., you are already quite high and the sceneries already beautiful.

If you are not a huge fan of hiking, or is there with children, you can simply walk around the center. There are several herds of mountain goats trotting around the place and generally being pursued by children and tourists with giant cameras like celebrities.

mountain goats around vogel ski center bohinj slovenia - laugh travel eat

Feeling a bit like I was at the petting zoo, I decided to attempt to feed these mountain goats. The funny thing is, it worked – except when they ate the grass of my hands, they bite me as well! And as I was walking away, they started to follow me, but then I found out that they were simply moving onto the next patch of pasture.

Having spent too much time playing with the goats, I belatedly realized that I only had 4.5 hours left for a 5 hour hike to Mount Vogel. Not wanting to settle for the surrounding hills that are closer, I was determined to get to the peak that this ski center is named after.

signposts atop trail mount vogel bohinj slovenia - laugh travel eat

The beginning of the trail was a little boring, with large, gravel paths cutting through a not-so-dense forest. I followed my map with more confidence than I would have at the signposts, and the views began to get better when I hit the dairy farm.

Deciding against stopping for fuel, I pressed on with my hike and heard the distant sound of bells chiming.

valley in the mountains around ogel ski center bohinj slovenia - laugh travel eat

Turning the corner, I found the loveliest valleys I had ever seen. It was only bettered by the fact that it was dotted with dairy cows that has a bell attached to their ears, looking like a scene from Heidi.

cows in valley in the mountains around vogel ski center bohinj slovenia - laugh travel eat
One of the cows giving me a judgmental look

As I continued, the trails got harder; the vegetation grew shorter as altitude increased. The path began to consist mostly of loose boulders and more barren landscape, but the view and the serenity is unmatched. I will let the photos speak for themselves:

increasingly barren path atop vogel ski center bohinj slovenia - laugh travel eat
boulders and pebbles path atop vogel ski center bohinj slovenia - laugh travel eat
dramatic marble landscape vogel ski center bohinj slovenia - laugh travel eat

Fearing that I wouldn’t make it back before the last cable car, I stormed up the path and finally came to the top. There were a family there, huddled on one side eating and I didn’t have to heart to bother them (also, I was too tired). Instead, I set my camera on one of the more stable pebbles that formed a pile on the hill and took a self timer photo:

 After that – I spent about 30 seconds enjoying the view before dashing off again, just to make sure that I wouldn’t miss the cable car. Of course – there are photo stops along the way, here’s some panoramas:

Panorama at Mount Vogel, Bohinj region, Slovenia | Laugh Travel Eat
this is taken on Mount Vogel
Southern Julian Alps Bohinj Region Slovenia | Laugh Travel Eat

By the time I reached the ski resort again, my calves were hurting and I felt like I had just run a marathon. But I had managed it. I hiked a 5 hour trail in 4, making it in time for the second to last cable car with time to spare.

beautiful alpine flowers on the trail mount vogel bohinj slovenia - laugh travel eat

Did I enjoy the solo hike? Yes! But would I do it again, alone? Probably not. It’s not safe to hike on your own, and again, I wouldn’t have done it without an offline map with GPS. Hiking can be dangerous, especially alone and although I had fun, I can’t stress enough that it’s best to go in a group of 3 with a first aid kit. If someone gets hurt, one can get help while the other stay with the wounded.

Written by Nam Cheah

Hi, my name is Nam. I am 24 and spent half my life in Hong Kong and the other half in UK. I believe there's endless experience and beauty in the world and this is me chronicling how to experience the best at the best price.

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