Metelkova – see the other side of Ljubljana

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Metelkova might not have much to do with the history and culture of Ljubljana, however, it is well known for its alternative art scene. Sprawling over 12,500 m2, it was squatted (yes, no joke) since September 1993 and became an autonomous social center; with its former life was the Yugoslav National Army Headquarter.

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Metelkova - see the other side of Ljubljana

During the day, not much else goes on in this region. At night, it is transformed into a hub where art galleries, live music, and parties go on. Not exactly a party type, I opted, instead, to visit during day times with my friends to admire the art work. And we were not disappointed with the inventive, alternative, unique and quirky place that is essentially an open art gallery. It is useless to try and tell it in words, so here’s some photos to the chaotic madness of art in Metelkova:

A row of colourful bikes lined up outside the hostel at the entrance to the autonomous center
The chaotic yet colourful art installations and murals that adorned Metelkova
This is by far my favourite building because of the intricate mosaic and cuttings it has – it’s all mismatched but somehow harmonious.
I have to admit – this one freaks me out a fair bit.. It looks like Gollum from Lord of the Rings have started to duplicate itself and become Mr. Fantastic, hopping and climbing all over the place.
I also love this strangely chill and rocker-like elephant. It looks like it has its life sorted. Then got captured by aliens.
This is another one that kind of freaks me out. Sometimes sea critters look more alien like than aliens we dream of.
The tilted side post was also one of my favourite, though whether it is tilted on purpose or not it’s something worth debating.
Metelkova is strangely close to this row of building that’s clean but walled up.
And as you turn around, everything was suddenly clean, modern and surprisingly different.
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