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Taipei is a beautiful city and it’s not surprising that it has some amazing Instagram – er I mean photogenic – spots. Sightseeing is now synonymous with taking photos, and the latter with Instagram. While I have covered a lot of sights in my Taipei 5 day itinerary, I am going to reveal the top Instagram spots in Taipei with my favourite as well as those from other travel bloggers! If you know of one that I haven’t posted, leave a comment with your ig photo link!

Taipei 101


Nam | Travel Blogger(@laughtraveleat)分享的貼文 張貼

There is no argument that Taipei 101 is the number one target for anyone who visits the city, and therefore it’s the number Instagrammable spot in Taipei. Whether it’s a shot from directly under or mid-distance away, Taipei 101’s distinctive shape makes it recognizable. But if you want to find the best spot from afar, you’d have to go to the next destination.

How to get there: Taipei 101 metro stop

XiangShan (Elephant Mountain)


Nam | Travel Blogger(@laughtraveleat)分享的貼文 張貼

Only one metro stop from Taipei 101, Xiang Shan is deceptively higher than expected with its steep stairs and proximity to city. With not one but two viewing platforms, you will be sure to find the perfect viewpoint to snap a shot or two of Taipei from (relative) above. For more information on how to get there, go here.

Lungshan Temple

By Denise from Inhetvliegtuig


Luxury Travel Magazine 🇳🇱(@inhetvliegtuig)分享的貼文 張貼

Taipei houses many temples, but there’s one you should really visit: The Longshan “dragon” temple. It’s one of the most popular temples in Taipei. It was built in 1738 for worshiping Guanshiyin Budda and other hundreds of Buddhist, Taoist and Confucian spirits. But it almost looks like a movie set. When entering the temple at night, you feel astonished by the beautiful lights, the golden dragons, serene atmosphere and calming incense scents. It’s magical to find such a peaceful place in the bustling streets of Taipei. Surrounded by skyscrapers, megastores, food vendors and lots of traffic. This is the safe haven to go to when you want to escape all the madness and want to indulge yourself with some real Taiwanese culture.

How to get there: Lungshan Temple Metro Exit 1 – turn right and continue down the road, it will be across the street.

CKS Memorial & Freedom Square


Nam | Travel Blogger(@laughtraveleat)分享的貼文 張貼

If you are into huge squares and architecture, then you will love the CKS Memorial and Freedom Square. Whether it’s the classical Chinese architecture style of the round memorial with a triple roof or the big freedom Pingfu, the ample square of Freedom Square certainly give you a wider range of angles and distance from the subject to shoot from. Be sure to look for convenient pools of water for reflection shots!


Nam | Travel Blogger(@laughtraveleat)分享的貼文 張貼

How to get there: CKS Memorial Metro Station

228 Peace Park


Nam | Travel Blogger(@laughtraveleat)分享的貼文 張貼

Whether it’s modern architecture or classical Chinese water gardens, the 228 Peace Park has some great spots that are not crowded at all. A modern monument for the 28th February incident was erected in the center of a park, while the water garden laid at the northeastern part of the park, not too far from the European Classical architecture style museum.

How to get there: Taipei NTU Hospital Metro Station, or walk down from Taipei Main Station.

Yanping Riverside Park


Nam | Travel Blogger(@laughtraveleat)分享的貼文 張貼

A great place to watch sunset without needing to climb any mountain, Yanping Riverpark is well hidden next to a highway. With a sweeping view of the opposite bank as well as a bridge, its long stretches gives plenty of photo opportunity. It’s also a cycling hotspot with a wide grass field for picnic and even basketball courts!

How to get there: Beimen Station Exit 3 – go east and head parallel to the high way until you see a door to the other side.

Bopiliao Historic Block

by Viola from the BlessingBucket


Viola Wang | Travel Blogger(@theblessingbucket)分享的貼文 張貼

The Bopiliao Historical Block in Wanhua district has some of the oldest architectures in Taipei, dating back to 1799! The area is super Instagram worthy with colorful mural art on beautiful stone walls. Welcome to the selfie tribe! But more than just a cool spot for photos, Bopiliao Historical Block is a great place to learn about Taiwanese culture and history. Browse around the traditional shophouses from the Qing dynasty, check out the buildings left from the Japanese occupation era, and definitely head in the education center where you can see all sorts of interesting exhibitions. From exhibitions showing what a traditional classroom looks like, to the medical development history of Taiwan, to influential figures in Taiwanese history, there is so much to learn here! Culture + Art + Photo op = a place you totally don’t want to miss in Taipei!

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How to get there: Lungshan Temple metro exit two – turn left and go down the road, it will be across the street. It’s very close to Lunghsan Temple and can be visited together!

Commune A7


TUNI NGUYEN 图妮(@tuni.metropolife)分享的貼文 張貼

by Tuni Metropolife

Hej guys 😊 So, Nam asked me to share my favourite place in Taipei with you. Actually, it was the Commune A7 in Taipei’s Xinyi area, right underneath the infamous Taipei 101 tower. Unfortunately, the space with food stalls, music and entertainment was only temporary and closed down the day I left – ironic I know. Nevertheless, Taipei has countless beautiful corners and places to hang out, meet friends and enjoy your time so don’t worry 😊

Taipei University Boulevard

by Tuni from Metropolife


TUNI NGUYEN 图妮(@tuni.metropolife)分享的貼文 張貼

One of my favs is the campus of the National Taiwan University (NTU). During my last weeks in Taipei, I went there nearly every day to pick up my friend @foodbaby during her lunch break and go for a walk on campus. The highlight of NTU is definitely the alley with palm trees that makes you feel like being in LA, not in Asia. It’s one of the most Instagram-able spots as well 😉 You can hang around and lay in one of the many grass areas to chill or just walk around and feel like in a high school movie. Make sure to get some snacks and stroll around campus when you are in Taipei and want a small break from the hectic and fast-paced city life 😊

How to get there: No. 1, Section 4, Roosevelt Rd, Da’an District, Taipei City, Taiwan 10617, around 5 minuet walk from Gongguan station, green line

Read more about how Tuni affords to travel here! That girl is an inspiration!

Fairy Footprint

by redaroundtheworld

Fairy Footprint is a nice hike in Taipei. It’s easy and is the perfect place to watch the sunset over the city and Taipei 101. The best part is, it’s only a short MRT ride away.  All you do is take the MRT to the Jingmei stop and go out through exit 1. You’ll find a board with a map leading you right to the trailhead. It’s a pretty easy hike up into the hills around the city.  You’ll even come across a small temple along the way. It is lit up until 9PM and can be done in less than an hour. If you’re looking for a short little hike to fill your spare time, this is the one for you.

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Daan Forest Park

by Lotte from phenomenalglobe


Lotte | Phenomenal Globe | 🇳🇱(@phenomenalglobe)分享的貼文 張貼

I love cities with big green spaces! One of those green spaces in Taipei is beautiful Daan Forest Park, the perfect place for a Sunday picnic. In the park, you can spot several animals like squirrels, ducks, and even turtles! There are also lots of cultural and recreational facilities, you can find an amphitheater, a skating rink, a children’s playground and lots of beautiful green lanes for an afternoon stroll. My favorite path was one surrounded by huge palm trees!

You can get to the park with the Taipei Metro (exit at Daan Park Station).

Maokong Hill

By Lotte from phenomenalglobe

Taipei has so much going for it: delicious food, cute boutiques, lots of amazing buildings and many things to do. But my favorite thing about Taipei is how easy it is to escape the busy city and explore a beautiful piece of nature. For a day trip I went to the Maokong area where I hiked to the Silver Stream Waterfall Yinhe Cave. I didn’t see anyone else during this hike!

You can get to Maokong by Taipei Metro and exit at Taipei Zoo. There you can choose between going up in the gondola (doesn’t run on Mondays) or by bus.

In this post, you can find all my Taipei tips.

Discover Taipei's best sightseeing spots that also make great instagram shots! Directions included! #taipei #taiwan #instagram
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