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  • preah khan exit me walking, Angkor Thom Angkor Wat, Cambodia | Laugh Travel Eat

    Angkor Wat Dress code

    This is post 2 of 4 in the series “Cambodia” One of the things that bothered me the most before I visited Angkor Wat was wondering what I should wear. It might seem like a silly topic to frown over, but there are strict restrictions in some southeast Asia temples, such as those in  Chiang […]

  • Summer Loving Trends – 9 things I love about Metallic Tattos

      There are countless trends going on in the summer, because summer is a time to play with bright colours and cute little things. I have seen everything from flower headbands to armlets, but let’s be honest – it’s not really something for everybody. Flower headbands can be too tacky and armlets can cut off […]

  • 5 Affordable DIY to Spice Up your Summer Wardrobe

      We all love summer – the sun, the breeze blowing past you and of course, the beach. It’s a relief to put away your heavy winter wardrobe and bring out the flowery, gauzy summer outfits that you have been waiting for. I know every time summer comes around I itches to go on an […]

  • Fast, Cost-effective way to deal with Zip Bulge

      You know that moment when you find that perfect dress on the internet and you how excited you felt when you wait for it to arrive. However, this all come crushing down on you as you slip on the gorgeous garment and saw that there is an unsightly zip bulge on your back, making […]

  • Making a cardigan from jumper

    Spring is nearly among us (don’t lose hope on the British weather! It should be getting better any week now that it’s April!), I had been craving a pastel-coloured, waist length cardigan for the longest time but never seemed to be able to find it in stores. This year was no difference; however, when browsing […]

  • Hackney Flea Market – featuring the Wolf and Moon

    This is post 3 of 17 in the series “London” I love flea markets. There’s something more exciting about hunting for treasure through piles of second-hand clothes, and the satisfaction of knowing that it’s unique. The good news is, London is full of them. Hackney Flea Market pop up on my radar one day, so […]

  • Arcade in Prague lined with shops and cafes| Laugh Travel Eat

    Vintage Shopping in Prauge

    This is post 3 of 5 in the series “Prague”   s an avid shopper, I can never resist looking up second hand or vintage stores whenever I visit a new place. Nothing reminds you of a city more than a unique piece of clothing or accessory that you bought whilst on holiday. Prague was […]

  • Merry Mittens – Christmas crochet time!

    I first got into crochet when I was still the Chair of Fashion Soc; our Liaison Officer had hired a crochet instructor to run a series of workshop during Feburary. Scared that no one would show up, I attended the sessions to make the most out of the subsidized lessons, and to make sure it wasn’t […]