Merry Mittens – Christmas crochet time!

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I first got into crochet when I was still the Chair of Fashion Soc; our Liaison Officer had hired a crochet instructor to run a series of workshop during Feburary. Scared that no one would show up, I attended the sessions to make the most out of the subsidized lessons, and to make sure it wasn’t completely deserted. What I didn’t expect was that I would love it so much!
For those of you who doesn’t know what crochet is, it’s kind of like a cousin to knitting, but you use hooks instead of needles. A fun fact about crochet: they can’t be machine produced, so whatever it is that you make, you can be assure that it’s unique and not mass-producible!
After four workshops, I was proficient enough to venture out into the big world fill of possibilities. However, I was never any good to following instructions, nor was I up for buying a new stock of yarns every time I stumble across a pattern I like. So using only DK weight yarn and 4mm hook, I had come to improvise and come up with my own patterns. Which leads me to what this post is really about: Mittens!
I was originally suppose to crochet a Mickey Mouse amigurumi (which is just stuffed dolls) for a friend’s birthday, but my brain couldn’t comprehend the instructions so the plan fall short (sorry Lisa!). To make up for it, I thought I could surprise her with my own version – and along the thought process I thought that mittens would be a good idea. And thus: Mickey Mouse mittens were born! It a product of complete improvisation, and I didn’t even mark down my process as I did it, resulting in a slightly asymmetrical pair…

(photo is a bit grainy – but it’s already packaged and ready for its new owner!)
After the completion of Mick-Mouse mittens, I thought to myself: there could be more to this! So I rustled through my stock (which, to be honest consist of six colours DK weight yarn only…) and thought I would attempt to make a fox version! And it was a success!
I think this will testify to how versatile this pattern is, and this time around I managed to leave myself a set of instruction that I thought would be a good Christmas Present to everyone, and without further ado, here it is:
Ch: chain
Ss: slip stitch
Dc: double crochet (American calls it single crochet)
Decrease: dc in two stitches instead of one
What you need:
4mm crochet hook
yarn needle
DK weight yarn in orange, white and black
Chain 26 (for small hands, adjust according to how many chains you need to fit your knuckles all the way around, and keep trying it on when you decrease to make sure it still fits!) , ss into the first lop, chain 1
dc in each for 3 rows
Add 8 chains after the chaining 1 before dc again – this is where the thumb enters

dc in each for 1 row
For the next 6 rows, carry on continuously (remember to ss), but decrease every 8 dc
dc in each for 2 rounds
Change to black and dc for 2 more rounds (optional)
Return back to the top; find the start and chain 1, dc around.
Ss, dc in each for 2 rows
Dc every 8, then ever 7 etc until there you are dc every 2. Remember to ss at the end of each row
Leave enough yarn and finish it, the sew it across flatly on the reverse side.
Thumb hole:
Ch 9 (again, adjust according to thumb circumfrence), slip stitch to the first one, chain 1 then sc around
Dc in each for 4 rows
Change to black, then dc in 4 and decreased 1. Ss at the end.
Dc in 2 then decreased 1, ss then finish. Sew flatly across the top on the reverse side.
Use yarn to attach the thumb to the main body.
Ears (x2):
Chain 5, then dc into chain number 4 acorss (should be 3)
Ch 1, then dc arcoss 2stitches.
Ch 1, then dc arcoss 1 – you should produce a rough triangle shape.
Eyes (x2):
Chain 2, then dc in the first chain three times, this should produce a rough circular shape.
*This can be replace by glueing googling eyes or sewing/glueing felt pieces
Ch 4, dc in chain 3 across 2 stitches.
Ch 1, dc in 1, this should make a triangle shape.
*This can be replace by sewing/glueing on felt pieces.
Magic circle 6 stitches.

For those of you not familiar with crochet, there’s plenty of tutorial on youtube! I am also open to answer any questions, just drop them below!
For those of you know knows how to crochet – you can make any version of animals by just changing up the colour schemes!
Merry Christmas – keep your mitts warm and cute with this pattern!

Written by Nam Cheah

Hi, my name is Nam. I am 24 and spent half my life in Hong Kong and the other half in UK. I believe there's endless experience and beauty in the world and this is me chronicling how to experience the best at the best price.

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