Bangkok itinerary

Quick facts

Transport: There are three main type of transports for tourists:

  1. BTS – the BTS is the overground with two lines that cuts through the city center. You can get Rabbit Card and use it for the BTS.
  2. MRT – the MRT is the underground metro. It is not the same as BTS but they’ve recently started accepting Visa card.
  3. Grab or Bolt – these are the two most popular taxi apps in Bangkok. Personally, I have gotten used to Grab bike (motorbike taxi), which weaves between traffic quickly. But it can be daunting. Bolt is currently cash only, but it is slightly cheaper than Grab.

You can also take the canal ferries, buses, and tuk tuk, but canal ferries are more restricted to certain routes. Buses often have route change and get stuck in traffic, and tuk tuk is overpriced.

Currency exchange: Superrich is a trusted chain where you exchange currency at a reasonable rate. Remember to bring your passport (or a copy of it).

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