A photo diary of Venice

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Venice: the famous city of water is arguably one of the most photographed city on the planet. And it’s not hard to imagine why with the picturesque canals and fairy-tale like bridges – even their lunch spots are picture perfect! Needless to say during my trip there my camera had been working non-stop trying to capture every corner of this magnificent city – I even ran out of batteries twice!

I had probably averaged about 300 photos per day (that’s counting our last day there which was a half day) and it will take hours for one to go through my entire album. So instead I pluck the best of the corps and planted them right here for your eyes:

First glimpse of the grand canal lined with beautiful flowers (my sister’s eagerness can be sensed from the fact that she barged into this photo!). We were even rewarded with a misty morning!

Venice main island

P1100641P1110130VeniceThe first day excitment never gets old – I was running on 4 hours of sleep.

P1100752 P1100852 P1110051Some pretty famous landmarks:

Rialto Bridge

P1110140Doge’s Palace

P1110484Bridge of Sigh

P1110560We even got to look out from inside the bridge!

P1110705The Torre dell’Orologio, which was built in 1496.

P1110572The giant’s staircse inside the Doge’s Palace – made out of smooth, polished white marble.

P1110582One of the main staircase inside Doge’s Palace which is absolutely spectacular. This photo is taken by a kind stranger at a rare, deserted instance.

P1110723Ever wonder what the Palazzo looks like at night?


Getting a lift from the red lion statue next to St Mark’s Bascilica.

P1110854The exquisit angle only possible if you pay the 5 euro entrance fee to St Mark’s Bascilca’s museum and head out to the balcony.

P1110817Some less famous places:

The Liberia Acqua Alta – a place I saw on instagram and insisted on going. Definitely wasn’t disappointed.P1110176

One of the many churches’ courtyard (I really can’t remember which…)

P1110247One of the many churches and piazza reachable via bridges. P1110869A quite canal lined with boats.P1110968 A gondola transporting its pessengers around the canals.P1110786Scala Contarini del Bovolo – a hidden gem worth tracking down for.P1110782

Outlying islands of Venice

Church of Santa Maria e San Donato

P1110380Parapet-less bridge.

P1110423Beautiful Burano

P1110448Windowstill that looks like it walk out of a fairy tale.


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