Nui Po Shan: finding the phallic rock hike in Hong Kong

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Nui Po Shan is one of the many hills between Shatin and Sai Kung, however, it stands out with its giant rock outcrop just before the summit. In particular, one that is shaped like a penis. It’s not far from the buffalo hills and an easier hike in terms of the steepness. However, getting to the trail start isn’t as easy and the path is over grown on one side, so long sleeves and trousers are recommended. Here’s how to hike it:

Nui Po Shan hike summary

rock outcrop on nui po shan hong kong - laugh travel eat

Time taken: 3-4 hours

Difficulty: 3/5, path is easy to follow but overgrown with a particularly steep section

nui po shan hong kong - laugh travel eat-4

Pros: interesting rock that’s shaped like a penis, not overly crowded and easy to get to public transport on both ends

Cons: a little difficult to locate trail start and a long walk, and the path path is overgrown on one end

Getting to trail start of Nui Po Shan

We started from Tai Shui Hang MTR station, taking the exit towards A Kung Kok Road and head straight along the highway until you reach the river. To the left is a small garden – the Ah Kung Kok Street Garden, where there is a smaller bridge. Cross the river there then turn left, and you’ll find a hiking map.

This is the Mui Tsz Lam Road, follows it to the end. It’s a longish walk on the main road that has a gentle slope up.

At the end, you’ll find another information post with map. Take the small path with the dark green railing with a sign that points to Mui Tsz Lam Village to the village.

The path is shaded and narrow and it gets a little confusing as you reach the village. Try to get to the center of the village where there’s a giant dirt path and head towards this beautiful modern wooden house:

trail start wood house mui tsz lam village Nui Po Shan Shatin Hong Kong - laugh travel eat

The trail that goes up officially starts here!

Hiking up to the Penis Rock

The trail is very straight forward from this point on, with stone stairs and small creek. The first part of the trail is shaded, but we can already see the giant rock outcrop even in the village. The ascent becomes steeper as we get to the rock outcrop and eventually got us to the Penis Rock.

Penis rock nui po shan hong kong - laugh travel eat

This is a good photo point but is only at the base of the rock outcrop. The hike up is still pretty steep but the view is rewarding.

You can Ma On Shan and the Buffalo Hills from here, with Shatin on the far end.

panorama at the top Nui Po Shan Shatin Hong Kong - laugh travel eat

Continue up and don’t forget to stop at the top for a panoramic view. The trail that point towards Shatin and become increasingly vegetated.

Going out takes a while, too, but look out for this viewpoint that looks towards Shatin:

shatin view point nui po shan hong kong - laugh travel eat

Follow the ribbons along the path and it’ll lead you to a road by the Shatin Hospital. Be careful of this particularly steep part.

Getting out of Nui Po Shan

From the end of the road, turn left and then take the tunnel right to cross the road towards Garden Vista and then going left to Shek Mun MTR. There’s plenty of restaurants here, too!

Want to find an interesting hike in Hong Kong that's off the beaten path? What about a hike with a phallic shaped rock? Here's how to hike Nui Po Shan in Shatin, Hong Kong: #HongKong #hike

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