5 amazing beaches in Sai Kung, Hong Kong

No filter needed for this gorgeous place!

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If any of you follow me on Instagram, you would have been flooded with photos of Sai Kung. A lot of people are familiar with Lantau Island, Stanley and Shek O, but Sai Kung is the favourite of people living in the New Territories. Located in the easternmost region of the New Territories and surrounded by ocean, it is dotted with protected marine area and islands. I have already covered what a boat trip is like, as well as the famous Four Consecutive Pools and Falls, here, let’s talk about the best beaches and watersports place in Sai Kung:

>More on Sai Kung town and surrounding sights here

Half Moon Bay (Hap Mun Bay)

A glorious suny day at Half Moon Bay
A glorious suny day at Half Moon Bay

One of the most popular beaches in Sai Kung, Half Moon Bay is a government beach comes equipped with lifeguards, showering facilities, umbrella rental, a snack bar as well as top notch water quality.


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It can get quite busy here during weekends and public holiday, so definitely head there before 1pm if you want to snag a spot on the beach.


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Despite the clear water, many don’t venture out to the end of the shark net so you can swim undisturbed.

Sharp Island


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Although this might be confusing, but Half Moon Bay is also located on Sharp Island, but the place that is referred to as “Sharp Island” is northwest of the bay and known for its geological and geographical features.


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Most famous for its tombolo, which connects Sharp Island to a smaller one during low tide, and it is the main attraction. The tide usually goes out around noon, but if you go before, the water is the clearest and it definitely makes a better photo.


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Sharp Island used to be on the edge of a caldera 140 million years ago. The rock types feature volcanic debris and silica rich viscous lava, which for those who aren’t geological savvy, means pink coloured rocks with wavy patterns. The pineapple rocks are an attraction in itself too, a result of weathering and exfoliation of the rock.

The other side of the island faces the lighthouse, and is a pretty great photo spot:

Tombolo at Sharp Island, Sai Kung, Hong Kong | Laugh Travel Eat
Staring at the lighthouse

Hoi Ha Wan


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One of the marine parks in Hong Kong, it is also known as Jone’s Cove and is on the northern end of Sai Kung. A kayaking and snorkelling hotspot, the best way to get there is by the green minivan route 7 from the Sai Kung Pier.
The ride isn’t short either, and during weekends and public holidays, it is normal to wait for 2 minivans before you are able to get on.

Hoi Ha, Sai Kung, Hong Kong | Laugh Travel Eat
trusty kayak

From Hoi Ha, you can rent a kayak (see my kayaking guide here) and head off to the protected areas for a good snorkel. The best area is by the pier, straight out from the beach, and you’ll be wise to wear or rent wet shoes to avoid stepping on sharp objects.

Long Ke Wan


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Definitely the most photogenic beach I have ever been to, I almost thought I was in the Philippines or something. Despite its remote locale, it is a popular spot with the long stretch of beach and doubles as a campsite as well.

With no refreshment point, you must bring your own drinks and food and either hike in from the East Dam or take a speedboat from the Sai Kung pier for 160 HKD. I thoroughly recommend planning your day ahead as taxi fare from East Dam back out can be significantly higher in the evening with taxi drivers raising the price.

Long Ke Wan, Sai Kung, Hong Kong
No filter needed for this gorgeous place!

Sai Wan Beach


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Not to be confused by the Sai Wan on Hong Kong Island, Sai Wan Beach in Sai Kung made a brief appearance as the starting point for the Four Consecutive Pools and Falls. Perhaps not as beautiful as Long Ke Wan, it is much less crowded and home to several snack shops.


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Written by Nam Cheah

Hi, my name is Nam. I am 24 and spent half my life in Hong Kong and the other half in UK. I believe there's endless experience and beauty in the world and this is me chronicling how to experience the best at the best price.


  1. I lived in HK for 2 months and the most unbelievable thing is all these paradise natural places within a 20-40 min ferry ride. Loved reading about these beaches – great sellection!

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